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Chieftain of Rausumea.

This position is currently filled by Iorek previously filled by Sir Madog

Defined by the Greagis as:

The Jarl (JYarl) of the Household of Rausumea is the undisputed primary leader of the household. The position of Jarl is defined as the Chieftain of the Household, the head leader of a group of men and women; the person of highest authority. Jarl, the Old Icelandic term for Noble, the Jarl is in essence the “king” of the Household. The position of the Jarl is more of a loving father than a ruthless tyrant. It is the Jarl’s duty to make sure that things run smoothly and that the household keeps together. Resolving disputes and investigating internal household problems are also some of the Jarl’s main concerns. The Jarl serves the Household as its leader and father and is not the Household.

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