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Venn Rausumea is Norwegian meaning “Brother of Rausumea” is the candidate state of a new Rausumean.

To become an Venn Rausumean and to progress as a Venn Rausumean to eventually become an Av Rausumean you must quest. After a new member completes there first quest a Megleren or the Jarl gives a new Venn Rausumean their Household sash. This sash is red with just the three swords on it at first. After each quest is completed the Meglerens will add a rose to the Venn Rausumean’s household sash. Once a Venn Rausumean possesses all 6 roses and the 3 swords they then go to the Av Council for approval to be admitted to become an Av Rausumean. In council the Av Rausumean’s are free to express concerns about the Venn Rausumean, but only the Jarl or the Góodi can turn down a Venn Rausumean to become an Av Rausumean. If the Jarl or Góodi turns down a Venn Rausumean for Av Rausumean that has completed all seven tests they must give the Venn Rausumean a new test to be completed before the Venn Rausumean may come back to the council requesting becoming an Av Rausumean.

Venn’s receive there roses in a counter clockwise motion around the swords starting from the upper left rose. Venn Rausumean’s with only the swords should be referred to as Sju (shuu)[means 7] Venn Rausumean. A Venn Rausumean that has obtained 3 out of 6 roses is referred to as a Fi’ra (fee-ruh)[means 4] Venn Rausumean. A fully rosed Venn Rausumean may be referred to as an Ápent (aw-pent) Venn Rausumean, Ápent’s Norwegian meaning is “Open”.

Current Venn Rausumeans: (number of quests completed/number of quests given)

Beowulf Sju Venn Rausumea - 1/1

Ceylona Sju Venn Rausumea- 1/1

Ethyria Sju Venn Rausumea- 1/1

Inioch Sju Venn Rausumea - 5/6

May Ko Sju Venn Rausumea- 1/3

Seraphim Sju Venn Rausumea - 1/3

Dirtybird Sju Venn Rausumea- 1/3

Artex Venn Rausumea 0/1

Aven Venn Rausumea 0/2

Ellowen Venn Rausumea 0/2

Headrec Venn Rausumea 0/2

Kala Venn Rausume 0/3

Kyriss Venn Rausumea 0/4

Nass Venn Rausumea 0/1

VoomDama Venn Rausumea 2/4

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