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Higlar MacThomas was a Scottish Knight who left his homeland, after his family was killed while he was off fighting a war. He decided to leave on a ship to a new land, to take vengence upon all those who had wronged him or harmed his family. He landed in Rausumea, around the time of the Great Goblin Wars, and decided to join in the fighting. His tastes for vengence and blood satisified, he decided to stay in Rausumea and make it his new home. Since leaving his home in Scotland, he has left all of his former titles behind to start anew. While in Rausumea, he met his future clansmembers, such as Austinatous Drake Darrow and Draken Berkana. He soon decided to make his own Clan, based off of the belief that the members would be his new family.

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