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Name: Atman (AHT-mahn)

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Horde

Race: Hat Troll

Fighting Since: 2006

Favorite Weapon Style: Bat and Board, minimum Redsword

You can see that, right?

Events Attended:

And many more not listed...

Some Lesser Known Facts:

  • Atman is just a variation of his original name, 'Hatman'. Bhakdar started calling him that because he couldn't come up with a name in the first 3-4 months, and no one has ever seen him without a hat. ('Cept me, 'cuz Galya stealz it all dee time. *evil grin*)
  • Probably the best foamsmith in Tir Asleen. Has perfected cheesy weapon tech. Known for using bike inner tube as his handle grip.
  • Doesn't like technology all that much, so he'll probably never see this anyway. Haha.
  • Consistently underestimated by silly goblins, but prefers it that way. Hehe.
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