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Ursyne bashes the face of Atman during his awakening at Melcaorme XII.

Race: Dire Bear
Unit: Horde

Realm: Beornve

About: Ursyne is a big dude. I mean look at him put Atman down like a boss. Seriously though watch out. He's not afraid to tear you apart with his huge Dire Bear claws. Ursyne is a veteran of wide renown in Belegarth famous not only for his strength but also his cooking. If you can't find Ursyne camped with Beornve or Horde, you will find him wherever the cooking is happening. He's welcome at any event in Eriador or beyond.

Fighting Since: 2006
Weapons of Choice: Paws of Destruction
Events Attended:
Oktoberfest 2006
Wolfpack Opener 2007
Spring War 2007
Melcaorme VI
Armageddon VI
Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities 2007
Thor's War I
Wolfpack Opener 2008
Spring War 2008
Melcaorme VII
Rhûn in June(ish) 2008
Armageddon VII
Battle of Allagen Valley
Thor's War II
Wolfpack Opener 2009
Spring War 2009
Armageddon VIII
Rhûn in June 2009
Oktoberfest 2009
Thor's War III
Rhûn Closer 2009
Wolfpack Opener 2010
Spring War 2010
Armageddon IX
Bear Blast I
Rhûn in June 2010
Oktoberfest 2010
Oktoberfest 2012
Wolfpack Opener 2013
Melcaorme XII
Oktoberfest 2013
Many more...

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