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The Reapers are a national unit with members in the realms of Paranor, Ebonhold, Shannara, Shadowdale, and Andor. The Reapers are composed of fighters that are extremly dedicated to the sport. They do not want any one who is just out to play, they want people who are out to learn multiple aspects of fighting. Kage, Jeuls and a few other members in Paranor were absoultly tired of people just wanting to mess around and not get serious about the sport or the things that it had to offer.

Entrance into the unit is by invitation only. Just simply ask one of the Elites if you can get an invitation and we will watch you and get to know you then receive a notice either way. This is because the Elites want the members of the unit to know that the unit should be one of good friends, out to have fun and kick butt, but be like a second family. And most importantly we want members that we know want to be there. For more information about recruitment please talk with one of our members.

On the lighter side of the Reapers they enable the use of what they like to call the machine. It normally works in taking down better veteran fighters.


In early Febuary of 2004 a small group gathered in the basement of Kage's house to come up with ideas for a new unit. The ideas came out simple in the begining, unit would have four founding members, be open to all people who want to join, and be tactical based unit fighting. It was decided in the same setting of another thing that was made special for the founding members, who were as follows, Kage, Jaliko, Levonathan, and Skaara. The titles of the four horsemen were to be given to each. Kage became the horseman death, Jaliko became the horseman war, Levonathan became the horseman famine, and Skaara became the horseman pestilance.

The idea of the four horsemen died off shortly after the first practice that was held at Tauphaus Park in early March of that year. The unit was small and was still having trouble getting up off of the ground. There was almost no growth for the unit save for one or two people who just wanted to be non-combatants. More members quit the already small unit because of rains that began in late April and early May. That was the most crushing blow the Reapers had recieved in their short and early life.

After the rains subsided the unit was so small it was basically made up of three main fighters, Kage, Jaliko, and Ame. Finally Kage's prayers were answered in early June when a new fighter came out who turnned the unit upside down. This new fighter by the name of Jeuls gave Kage many ideas about how to make the unit better. Shortly after that Kage invited the man to join the Reapers to help improve the unit altogether. Later it was made known to Kage that Jeuls had recruitment attempts made by the Greater Horn of Ebonhold, but because of the way that they acted and went about it Jeuls decided to go ahead and join the Reapers instead.

Shortly after Jeuls officially joined the unit Jaliko decided that it was time for retirement so he quit sword fighting and went on his own way. Determined to learn what Jeuls knew about fighting Kage became an Apprentice to Jeuls and immediately began training to become an Elite. At this time Levonathan and Alistar decieded that the Reapers may be the direction that they wanted to go with sword fighting. Levonathan accepted the invitation much faster than Alistar who took his time and looked around at the other units, but against all odds decided to make his home with the Reapers.

The Reapers grew well over the winter of 2004, because both Kage and Alistar where made Elites in December. With a stroke of luck the unit was able to find a place to fight during the winter. This brought Skaara back to the ranks plus three new members, sadly for two of the new people Belegarth was not their peice of cake and the Reapers realized they had been to hasty in inviting them into the unit. One at the moment is on a mission and is due to return sometime next year where he will hopefully pick up where he left off.

However not all things last forever. The Reapers suffered a massive rift over egos and stupidity in late 07. Jeuls and about half the unit left to go a different direction. And the list of dead members started. Even with the loss though the unit remained and the next year continued to grow and rebuild. Adding Hendell and Katsu to the unit and then later more. This lasted until Kage the leader at the time was squired and left the unit to pursue the path of knighthood. A few members felt abandoned after the fact and by April 2010 tempers had reached the boiling point. Another split dealt a blow to the unit, again cutting it in half.

With the unit in half and with Morholt as their leader after Kage. The Reapers spent the next year replentishing the ranks and improving the way that the Reapers were viewed. At Chaos Wars XV Morholt raised Hendell to the title of Elite and transfered leadership of the unit to him. The Reapers then inducted there first non-Idahoan into the Reapers at CW XV with the induction of Ark from Andor. Things do have a weird way of coming back around though. Hendell left to join BoF. Kage has now been separated from the sport. In 2019, with encouragement and help from Nick (Theron), Morholt made the decision to resurrect the unit. As we get geared up for the 2022 season, we have a strong core and are starting to grow again. Updated 1-23-22

Steps Of Advancement

Reaper is when a fighter first starts out in the unit. In this step the fighter must gain the basic knowledge of fighing using Tarragon in this sport and unit. Reapers can search the unit for an that would be willing to teach them everything they know from the moment they are made a Reaper. If a Reaper is not chosen by a Elite he may petition his name in for a number of Elites to choose from. A Reaper may also choose not to further advance in the unit if they do not want to.

Reaper to Aprentice
In this step a Reaper needs to impress a Elite enough that he takes the Reaper on to become a Aprentice undernieth him. Our Elite do NOT use their Aprentices as BEER BITCHES. When a Elite choses a Reaper to become a Aprentice there is a ceremony and feast in honor of the Reaper and Elite.

In this step of a fighters advancement they take an oath to their Elite promising to learn what their Elite has to show them. Elites can have as many Aprentices as they would like to teach at one time. Elites will Usually only take a person as a Aprentices they know they can teach and get along with.

Aprentice to Elite
Becoming an Elite comes from hard work and dedication to the unit and sport. A Elite chooses the Aprentices with out the consent of the other Elites. This gives the Elite the power to cut an unworthy Aprentices loose from their teaching. If a Elite cannot get along with a Aprentices under him he has the ablity to trade Aprentices with another Elite rather than cut them loose completely. When a Elite decides that a Aprentices is ready to move up one he will bring the subject up with the other Elites. This is the only time that a Elite has to have a majority of the other Elites consent to do something.

Special Positions

There are three top postions held in the Reapers.

This position is exactlly what it says. This person can bring Reapers in so that they can learn to fight and move up in rank.

War Lord
The War Lord postion is the peron who is in charge of battle tatics. This person gives commands to the unit during battles.

Money Lender
This person is the finance person in the unit. They take care of bank statements and funds for weapons and winter fighting faclities.


The Elites

The Apprentices

The Reapers

The Respected Dead
Kage (Elite)
Alistar (Elite)
Jaliko (Elite)
Jeuls (Elite)
Halfling aka Sayin
Hendell Stoneshield (Elite)
Jaimes DeStille
Tyler (No character name yet)
Katrina (No character name yet)
Travis (No character name yet)
Skaara (Elite)
Katsuhiro Baka
Jonathan Silverwood
Ark Crab defender

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