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Real Name: John Smith
Started Fighting: 2006
Realm Ebonhold
Unit: Reaper
Fighting Sytle: Tarragon


Character History

The Early Years

Anubis was summoned to Menzoberranzan the City of spiders by a Yath’abban: Priestess trainee, who was looking to become Ul’yathtallar: Arch Priestess of Lloth, leader of Arach-Tinilith. The Priestess used binding magic to keep Anubis under her control, so he could eliminate the targets that where in her way from becoming Ul’yathtallar. After sixteen years of eliminating the priestesses’ enemies and becoming Ul’yathtallar Anubis had finally gathered enough power to break the priestesses spell, and as Anubis was heading to eliminate his capture but was was expelled from Menzoberranzan. Anubis bound the Priestesses soul to him so that no matter what happened the priestess’s soul would come to him and he would be able to return the punishment to her in the afterlife. Anubis left the Underdark and decided to go east and train with a group of Tengu learning the ways of the Katana and Glave. After a year of training Anubis left the forest and went back to the desert and returned to the underworld, living in the world of chaos for many years ferrying the dead into the next world.

Fighting History

The Beginning

After a century of this Anubis became very bored with his job. So Anubis decided to travel west where he found his way to Ebonholdand from that point he began fighting with a Glave and through his lessons he discovered that the Glave takes a lot of work so Anubis switched to a Katana and fought this way for quite a while until one day Anubis met with Kage Uwasa who trained Anubis in the art of Tarragon using a Sword and Shield. Anubis eventually requested to join Kage and the Reapers. Anubis took up arms with the Reapers and learned from Kage and the Reapers. The years went on and Anubis continued to learn and grow as the Reapers taught him a lot of different aspects of fighting. But all good things come to an end, Anubis witnessed the first split of the Reapers, and half of his brothers in arms left to go a different direction. Shortly after the split Anubis was brought to full member of Reaper, and thus started the growth spurt of the Reapers. Anubis and his brothers in arms started recruiting for the Reapers and spreading the Reapers across Ebonholdand into Rath & Shannara. The Growth of Anubis and the Reapers continued to grow until Kage the leader at the time was squired and left the unit to pursue the path of knighthood. Anubis who had been taken under the wings of Kage had stepped up at the request of Kage to lead the Reapers at this request Anubis was excited to continue the growth of the Reapers. Anubis had taken council from the members of the Reapers and we had decided to make some changes that we believed would make the Reapers better and its future members better in the long run. But as Anubis was putting some of the changes into place Kage had found out and was very upset with the changes that where being made. This brought Anubis and the Reapers to another split and this time Anubis was among the majority that left the Reapers. Anubis had continued to fight to the end of the year, yet Anubis felt betrayed by his mentor and friend, as he fought he felt as though something was missing this led to Anubis to leave Ebonholdand return to the underworld to reflect and practice what he had learned.

The Return to Ebonhold

As time went on Anubis had continued watching Ebonhold from afar watching and seeing how things changed. Anubis noticed that his former brothers in arms had dispersed from the realm, and joined other units. For four years Anubis had stayed in exile, Anubis had continued to practice what he learned but as he trained by himself but he noticed that something seemed to be missing and once again Anubis began to feel the same itch that made him leave the underworld in the first place and, so he returned to Ebonhold. For some time after he returned to Ebonhold Anubis had decided he would just fight in the realm and not get involved in any of the units. After a few weeks Shy approached Anubis, Geshtal, Uthane (Horus), & Viridiana about forming a unit. Anubis thought about this for a while and decided it would be a good idea, and decided to join with Geshtal, Uthane (Horus), & Viridiana to make the Dominion. Anubis started off just hanging back and letting the others start the unit but once it looked like there to be some serious movement and everyone seemed to be serious about creating the unit. Anubis jumped in and was all for making the unit strong. Anubis and the others recruited Rumplestilzkin and Tabletop into the unit to help keep the movement going forward. After a year the Dominion had remained with its current members, but no new growth had been made in numbers. Anubis had started to get slightly discouraged with where things where headed. But he stayed focused and continued to work on the unit. TNK in the same year approached Anubis about becoming his feral, Anubis was somewhat hesitant because he didn’t want to abandon the Dominion, and shortly after this meeting Anubis brought up a change to the Founders of the Dominion to change some rules within the Dominion to allow members to be part of another unit, and so the rule changed. A year passed and Rumpelstiltskin was made king of Ebonholdand he had returned Ebonhold to its former glory and new blood had started to move into the realm. During the same year the Dominion still had no growth within the group. Anubis was once again approached by TNK about becoming a feral and this time Anubis without any hesitation decided to become TNK’s feral and work towards becoming a member of Horde.

Events Attended

  • Battle of Anigawa 2018, 2019
  • Thaw Brawl 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2017, 2018
  • Western Wars 2018
  • Chaos Wars 11, 19, 22
  • Ebonhold Crown Wars 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Ebonhold's One Day Tournament 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Ebonhold's Mid-Winter Court 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Battle for the Ring, 2018, 2019

Fighting Lineage

  • Sir Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon, Kingdom of the East, KSCA.
  • Sir Thorfin Kodoson du Tarragon, Kingdom of Artemisia, KSCA.
  • Sir Basil der Drache, Kingdom of Artemisia, KSCA.
  • Jeuls DeCain, Paranor & Ebonhold, Reaper Elite.
  • Sir Kage Uwasa, Paranor & Ebonhold, Reaper Elite

This makes me a sixth generation Tarragon fighter, and I am damn proud of it. However, I do want to express special thanks to Sir Cedric for helping when I first got started in the sport.

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