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Race: Lightning (blue) Dragon
Full name: Geshtal Stormchaser
Real Name: Ben Ozmun
Fighting since 2005
Realm: Ebonhold(current), Korayn (former), Keld (former)
Fighting Style: Sword and board, Finesse Red, Spear
Lightning Dragon demigod fighter of Ebonhold, Adopted son of Gavriil Hopespring. Keeper of Draconic Knowledge and Lore


To know my story one must first be aware of the creation of this world, Io the world serpent, made this world and left it to his children. At the head of this pantheon he left his son Bahamut, who with his siblings Aasterinian, Tiamatt, Sardior, Fallazure, Chronepsis, Garyx, Tamara, and Tosa'Vorel, would bring order to this world. It is with Tosa'Vorel that my story begins, the great blue wyrm that breathed the blue of the sky into existence was in any mortals eye, a god, to my kind he was both that and king. To me he was a Beast, Monster, the Storm and Father. The blue dragon progenitor the great guardian of the northern sky. Him and his brethren were charged with making a world that would belong to their Creator, and they did, for a time.

Like with the other gods, Tosa'Vorel grew tired of his lonely task and began to dabble in the art of creation himself, to make a mortal in his own image Tosa'Vorel plucked one of his wings from his back and twisted it and formed it into something new, a female of his kind he then bestowed a portion of his great power into her so that she could help him create unto herself. He named her Jaho'Vac. Tosa and Jaho'vac revelled in their like mindedness, their common goal, and for a long time they were happy completing the task that was left to them. From their happiness I was brought into this world and named "Gahesh" or "first" alongside my brothers and sisters. Unbeknownst to most, us Dragons are sentient from conception, we are aware of everything as our shells form around our growing bodies and minds as our minds test the limits of our cage. I the first of my kind however wasn't set loose upon the world to fulfil my grandfather's task, Tosa had a different plan for me. He would keep me trapped in my egg in a suspended state. For millennia he would abuse his powers of creation breaking me and twisting me as he attained more knowledge, his plan was to remake me into the perfect vessel for his task the ultimate dragon to replace him when the time came. For a thousand mortal lifetimes all I knew was the inside of my egg and the pain of rebirth, molded by the magicks at my fathers disposal, that and the stories.

I would listen as the wisps and eventually my brothers and sisters would come to report their findings to Tosa and Jaho'vac. Captivated I would imagine the creatures and the magicks the wisps and my siblings would regale my parents with. And the ones I missed, I would later be told in secret by Jaho'Vac, whose very voice could soothe a raging fire. I could tell at the time that I held a special place in her heart, the first born of her children. One could tell that she resented my father for what he would put me through. As the years passed the resentment only grew till the time came when she no longer felt the way she once had about her King. In our meetings I would learn of her growing fondness for the mortals that lived down in a valley not far from our mountain lair. She would tell me stories of her turning into a morphed form that she would call "human" to walk amongst them. She would tell me of the adventures she would go on with these "children of Odin", and gently hum to me the songs of their people. Then she stopped coming to tell me stories for a time.

Jaho'Vac would wander the valley with her friends under the alias of Joanna, a tall slender human girl with hair jet black that would shine with a blue hue in the summer sun. They would often visit where the trolls and the fae folk dwelt. From a distance they could see them performing elaborate magicks twisting the mountain runoff in artistic forms as they redistributed the water amongst themselves. This was the place Eric, a young "lord" of the humans, had chosen to bring them to watch the fairies play and be entertained. His father the king in the valley had long ago made peace with these fairies granting them security under his reign. Little did they know that the mighty Tosa'Vorel viewed them as only ants at his doorstep. Throughout their travels and adventures together Joanna and Eric became closer and closer till one day he took her as his bride, an act that would bring ruin to him and her. The joy that she knew with Eric Zo one day culminated in the birth of a child which she named Num or "new" in the language of the blues. Num Zo had a latent power about him that would hum in the air, the elders and wise men of the humans thought it to be a blessing from Odin. However this child, this miracle of creation, this blending of the species had inadvertently stolen her powers of creation gifted to her by Tosa. She would stay with the human as he grew, teaching him magic and educating him in the ways of the world, for fifteen years she would be his loving guide, until the day her king came.

Tosa'Vorel never turned a blind eye to Jaho'Vac's comings and goings, "if she wants to play with the animals, let her" he would tell his children and wisp attendants. For years he would let her come and go as she would please. It wasn't until the gaps in time spent away became ever wider that it began to tear at his mind. In secret he split the bond that she shared with a few of the wisps and demanded they follow her and report to him. While the wisps where away he felt a pull in the magicks around him something was wrong. Everyday he would feel the pull get stronger and stronger, year after year the magic in the world strained under some form of unbearable weight. When the wisps finally returned they told Tosa about the child that Jaho'Vac had birthed and how the space around the boy was bathed in a magic similar to his very own. Enraged Tosa'Vorel released a roar that shook the very foundations of the world, Betrayed by her, He rushed out of his lair and took to the skies aimed solely at a kingdom not far away

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