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*This individual is no longer a member of Belegarth due to violation of By-Laws Article 13, as of January 15th, 2022

Real Name: Tyson Lane
Started Fighting: 2000
Realm : Paranor & Ebonhold
Unit: Reapers
Rank: Elite
Fighting Sytle: Tarragon

Character History

The Early Years

Kage Uwasa. That name will not appear on any other record than this one which you are reading right now. The date of his birth and his real parents are unknown, however he came to a poor family in the western part of Europe after being left in an alley behind the market. His adopted parents, who found him wrapped in garbage, were cruel creatures that labored daily to make his life a living hell on earth. Because of such treatment by his, shall we say guardians, he left home at 8 years old and headed out east. He studied many of the martial arts that were known to the world. By the age of 10 he found himself in the far east learning their lifestyle and the beginnings of honor.

Return Home

By the age of 18 Kage had mastered all he had needed in the east to be successful in life. However this training was only for a life to be lived in the East and Kage had a hard time getting a job once he went back to home, because his family had disowned him. In light of such circumstances he became an assassin, a hired killer for the best price, bent on destroying those who had forsaken him. The task was simple for him to do, keeping it as much of an “accident” as possible.

The Assassin

However, once his life mission was accomplished much earlier than anticipated, he had nothing else to do with his life. With that thought he took up being a hired gun, a mercenary for the highest bidder. He never left a job he was paid for unfinished, that included targets paying to have hirer done away with. Kage later joined up with another assassin known as Jaliko Shadow. The two men had been rumored to have brought empires to their knees and then some. The group slowly grew into a small band of six assassins, all unique at what they did.

Fighting History

The Beginning

Ahhh, who cares about a character history really but me;…yeah not very many people. Anyway Tyson Lane AKA Kage was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1984, but was raised in Rigby. What else really is there to say other than he was born, he grew up, and here he is today. Most people aren't very interested in a person life story so I will try to spare you of it and move right on into his fighting career. Sound fair? Kage began fighting when Belegarth was still part of Dag in either late 1999 being around late July or early August, or in the Spring of 2000. He started out a Florentine fighter, and stayed that way for most of one season. He purchased a tear drop shield from Sir Cedric, and so did his best friend Jaliko. Kage, Jaliko, and Dieabus all three tried to make a unit called the Arc Angels work but found it too difficult to pull off and disbanded the next year. However with determination on Kage and Jaliko’s side they were able to still make good of learning all that they could about sword fighting. They even tried getting Cedric to train them in knee deep snow, rumor is Sir Cedric still has nightmares about it. Kage remained some what plateaued for the next three years of his fighting career, not really wanting to attend any national events, like Armageddon or Chaos Wars, because he felt that he would not be able to perform as well as he would like at the events, that and he was a very broke high school student.

Jeuls Appears

However, things did change for the better in late May of 2004. A fighter who called himself Jeuls came out to practice wanting to try Belegarth. The man was patient as Kage and the others in attendance took time to tell him the rules and basics of fighting. All Jeuls did was sit back, smile, and nod when appropriate. He was told about garb, and showed up next week in full garb ready for battle. Kage thought that it was amazing that Jeuls was able to come up with such amazing garb so quickly, but the thought that this guy might know what he was doing never once crossed his mind. From that point on Jeuls dominated the fights, killing three or four people on the field at a time.

The Reapers are Born again

Kage later told Jeuls about his plans to start a unit called the Reapers. It was a unit still in the process of being put together since Febuary '04. Jeuls said that he would think about it, and get back with Kage later on the subject. Kage missed a practice one day because of previous plans and it happened to be a practice where most of the other fighters from Ebonhold attended. Jeuls mentioned the name Kage and was immediately bombarded with opinions, most being extremely negative. Jeuls mentioned then that Kage had approached him about joining the ranks of the Reapers, and was again given another long list of negative comments, and how if Jeuls wanted to join a unit he should join the Greater Horn Of Ebonhold or the GHOE, a part of Cornovii. Jeuls didn’t like the other attitudes towards Kage, after all he had met and talked with Kage before hand. He thought that Kage was a really good guy, and had pretty made up his mind of which unit he would like to be part of after that day. He approached Kage about the offer he had made a few weeks earlier, and said that he would join if Kage would be willing to listen to some of the ideas that he had about units.

Kage is introduced to Tarragon

Kage was more than willing to work with Jeuls on this because he wanted the unit to be a great one. Kage then asked if Jeuls would teach him some of the moves that he knew. Jeuls just smiled and said “If you want I will teach you everything I know.” Kage was ecstatic, and wanted to get started right away. Within the next three weeks Kage began to learn the style called Tarragon. Kage progressed quickly for the first couple of the weeks, because the style of Tarragon made it so he had to go back and relearn all of the basic shots. Jeuls mentioned once that he was impressed at how well Kage was learning so quickly taking every thing in like a sponge. Jeuls continued to practice with Kage on a weekly basis taking him aside and telling him step by step how to perform all of the moves. By Chaos Wars 8 Kage felt confident enough to go to a national event, and he did.

Reapers Make it Through the Winter

Jeuls had introduced the idea of using a dished heater shield to Kage over the winter as well as other concepts such as, basic sewing skills, advanced sword technique, and line commands. Kage and Jeuls’ idea to hold a winter practice and craft night really played a big part in keeping the small unit together over the off season months. So when it came to Thaw Brawl ‘05 the Reapers were a well greased and oiled machine containing a good number of people.

Chaos Wars 9

By this time Kage had been using the fighting style Tarragon for over a year, and was really confident in his skill because he had been made an Elite Reaper officially December 2004, and was classified as a Tier 3 Tarragon fighter. At Chaos Wars 9 Kage was left exclusively to defend Tarragon and the ideals of the Reapers, and tried to fight as many people as he could; only because Jeuls, Levonathan, and Alistar had to work. Many people began to ask Kage how he performed certain moves from Tarragon, because many had never come across a fighting style like Tarragon that was extremely fast, and based mainly on proper shot throwing. While at Chaos Wars 9 Kage fought with the Chaos Guard, the Gelfan Empire, and Ebonhold, as well as representing his own unit the Reapers. The Chaos Guard contained the fighters Par Ohmsford, Warghoul, and Thane who lead the unit. The Gelfan Empire had many more people in it. The members of Ebonhold that he fought with were Durron, Necronos, and Alturas. He also fought with the distinguished Team 4, who liked to run around single blue and kick butt. Those members include people like Ryno, Troll, and Zug Zug. One day mid way through the event Kage even had a line of people standing outside his camper wanting to spar.

Path to Knighthood

Kage squired to Duke Sir Necronos of Senris; a Knight of the Highlands; in November of 2009. He strives to do his best in this endeavor, because his Knight has recently had back problems that started in 2010. He does what he can to make sure that he makes his Knight proud as well as the realm and Knights of the Highlands. His ultimate goal is to teach people and represent the sport. He constantly hopes that he accomplishes his goals. Kage does most of of his fighting and off field presence in the name of his Knight, and to not shame or ruin the reputation of his Knight he does his best and so far feels that he has accomplished this to the absolute best of his abilities. However, the start on this path was not easy. At first Kage made mistakes and at one point wanted to squire to the realm of Ebonhold, but a long talk with Sir Necronos and Sir Cedric changed his mind. To this day he thanks both for talking him out of what would have been "a grave mistake."

  • Knight Lineage (Sir Necronos - King Arion)
    • Duke Sir Necronos of Senris (Ebonhold - Knight of the Highlands)
    • was knighted by Sir Cedric Winterbourne (Ebonhold - Knight of the Highlands)
    • was knighted by Sir Thanos Dur Terrakhan (Knight of the Highlands - Middle Earth)
    • was knighted by Sir Gamelon a.k.a. White Tiger (Middle Earth)
    • was knighted by Sir Sir Geoffrey of the Hillside a.k.a Beowulf the Dreamer. (Middle Earth)
    • was knighted by King Arion rightful king of Middle Earth.

Events Attended

  • Spring Battle (Now called Thaw Brawl) 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Thaw Brawl 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Chaos Wars 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15
  • Yestare 7, 10, 11
  • War of the Forbidding 2, 5
  • Ebonhold Crown Wars 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Ebonhold's One Day Tournament 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Ebonhold's Mid-Winter Court 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Mannetherin 4

Fighting Lineage

  • Sir Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon, Kingdom of the East, KSCA.
  • Sir Thorfin Kodoson du Tarragon, Kingdom of Artemisia, KSCA.
  • Sir Basil der Drache, Kingdom of Artemisia, KSCA.
  • Jeuls DeCain, Paranor & Ebonhold, Reaper Elite.

This makes me a fifth generation Tarragon fighter, and I am damn proud of it. However, I do want to express special thanks to Sir Cedric for helping when I first got started in the sport.

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