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Blackwater was created in 2007 and is a realm and house represented by members based in: Chula Vista-CA, Portland-OR, Orem-UT, and San Jose-CA

Blackwater originated as a province of Andor but became it's own realm, still maintaining a close kinship with Andor. Blackwater practices are small, and focus on individual training, fostering newer fighter's growth and development. Practices are often scheduled as needed by member's availability.

Blackwater formed its own province in 2012, known as Splinter, but eventually assimilated the practice space and times, merging memberships.

They Suck

House Members ≈ 25



Blametaker It's their fault

- Char

Regional Leaders

- Guava of the North

- Zel of the South

Northern Blackwater

Pictured left to right: Rumble, Arc, Trunks, Daggar
Name > Current Prospect (If Any)
Daggar > N/A
Guava > Willy
Onion > Jareth Cloudborne
Rumble > N/A
Stich > N/A
Trunks > N/A
Thalin > N/A
Vansen > N/A

Middle Blackwater

Name > Current Prospect (If Any)
Pip > N/A

Southern Blackwater

Name > Current Prospect (If Any)
Amazon > N/A
Caster > N/A
Char > N/A
Doku > N/A
Idicris > N/A
Hanta > N/A
Legion > N/A
Mimi > N/A
Nutshot > N/A
Ryder > N/A
Shepherd > N/A
Staff > N/A
Temo > N/A
Tesla > N/A
Yeoman > N/A
Zel > N/A


- Djinn

- Staff Blackwater

- Aizen

Units represented


- Horde - God Squad - Forsaken

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