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The Pacific Northwestern Realm and Empire Babylon is home to a knight lineage which can trace lineage back to the Knights of the Highlands.

Knights of Babylon

  • Sir Aphex First Knight of Babylon. Knighted by Sir Ralimar, Dragoon and Knight of the Highlands
  • Sir Kurgan Knighted by Sir Aphex
  • Sir Shino Knighted by Sir Ralimar
  • Sir Slate Knighted by Sir Shino

  • Sir Sare will be inducted into the Knights of Babylon at Western Wars 18 in 2024.

Current Realm Squires:

Squire Realm Squired To Start
Pheo Pyke Sir Shino October 2023
Morrigan Pyke Sir Shino October 2023
Veithryn Pyke Sir Sare August 2023
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