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Fighting Name: Apophis

Real Name: Nickolas

Quatermaster of HeckHolt

Started Fighting: 2015

Realm Started in: HeckHolt

Current Realm: HeckHolt

Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Glaive, Archery

Current Units: Duna-bros 4 lyfe.

Date Joined Current Unit: 10/28/17

Houses: House Comrade GCC

Interesting Facts:

Events Attended:

  • War Of Wrath: V BUTTS
  • Siege of Sunspear I
  • MOTAP: 2016,2017
  • Phoenix Rising: A Game of Salt
  • Silica Vale VII
  • War Of Wrath VI: Return of the Old Gods
  • Harvest Massacre VII: Siege of Tharador
  • BFTR X
  • Holt on to Your Butts: Revenge of the Leprechaun on Slash Mountain (Featuring Yung Gravy )
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