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Race: Gnome
Fighting since: 2005
Weapons of Choice: Sword & Board
Preferred Armor Type: Leather
Units: Bardashaw Clan
Current Realm: Norcalia
Original Realm: Rath
Real World Contact: (George Shan Lyons via Facebook)

Shatosen Izamae Bardashaw started fighting in Rath in 2005. He was a member of the Chaos Guard until its dissolution, is a member of the Bardashaw family clan of gnomes, a Baron of Rath, and squired under Sir Par Mertyns, then Sir Par Ohmsford. In 2010, he moved to what is now Norcalia and made it his mission to elevate the fighting in this new land. With his help, Norcalia was founded in 2014. He lead notable victories in realm and special battles at Battle for the Ring XI and XII, and War of Wrath, known as War of Bath, and in the process became the first General of the North. He was knighted Sir Shatosen the Lucky, Third Knight of the Western Flame and the first knight in Norcalia in 2015.

His heraldry is of the Page side of his family, with the addition of his personal sigil, a silver winged lion, in the top right corner. His colors are a deep grey and green. His motto is "Safety, Honor, and Learning before Victory". His primary fighting style is club and shield.

Information on the Page family history from THE GENERAL ARMORY page 770

PAGE, Holbrook, Co. Somerset, Robert Page, Esq, of Holebrook
was son and eventual heir of Sir Thomas Hyde Page, Knt,R.E., F.R.S.,
by Mary Woodward, wife, grandau. of Richard Woodward, Esq., of Little
Ealing, Middlesex, by Mary his wife, dau. and heir of Leonard Hancock,
Esq, J.P. of Theobalds Park, Herts. Quartered: 1st az. a fess dancette
between 3 martletts er, for PAGE of Middlesex; 2nd az. a chev betw. 3
lozenges or, for HYDE of Chester; 3rd az. barry of six or, and sa. on
a canton gu. ademi woodman with a club on his shoulder of the first,
for WOODWARD, co.Stafford; 4th az. gu. a dexter hand couped and erect
ar. on a chief of a second three cocks of the first, for HANCOCK,
Twining, Gloucester. Crest: a demi griffen gu  Motto: Honneur pour
Object. Also PAGE, Rev. Thomas Douglas Page, M.A., Rector of Sibstone,
co Leicester, youngest son to Robert H Page, Esq. of Holbrook, same
Arms etc. PAGE, Wembley, co. Middlesex, Or, a fess dancette betw.
three martletts az. a border of the last.
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