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General Information

Mosquito Tribe is a small unit comprised of a few souls that had been subjected to nocturnal insanity and hordes of supernaturally infused mosquitos on the outskirts of Babylon.



Gamin invited Dyse, Bear, Lloki, Juicer, and Sare into the deserty woods surrounding the core city of Babylon. Though it was only meant to be an innocent gathering, it soon turned into sheer madness as strange, strident cracks boomed through the sky as the sun was folded up in the dark napkin of night. From this point, the six sojourners experienced varying levels of temporary insanity.

Lloki, drunk, had been immune, but otherwise completely useless. He did, however, save Juicer from being kidnapped by the evil spirits of the woods. After this, he retreated to the backseat of Bear's carriage, and fell fast asleep.

Sare disappeared early on in the stay, haunted by fictional characters that he thought only existed in his brain. The trees began to talk to him, teaching him their ways, and he soon found himself scared of the noises Gamin's carriage kept making.

Dyse and Bear stuck together, wisely, merely watching with calmness as Lloki taunted Juicer with an insidious torch, inadvertently warding away the aforementioned attackers. Frightened and awestruck by their surroundings, Dyse and Bear hardly left each other's side, thus creating the foundation to which the others would return.

Gamin remained heard but unseen throughout most of the experience, having battled these forces before. She kept everyone calm, guiding them to sanity when all strands of collected thought seemed lost.

Juicer, by far, was the most afflicted victim of this cruel place. Half of his precious possessions, including his towel and his special goggles, were lost to numerous voids. He screamed everything he said, lost all use of his legs, became naked, fornicated with an innocent bush, urinated on his own jeans, and shouted to the heavens, "Where's Bishop?!" Dark shapes appeared in the sky to him, beckoning him to die. A shadowy, shapeless, and loud creature flew over them, and he howled like a startled ape. Several times, the forces in this forest convinced Juicer that Lloki was the reason for his madness, and that Lloki should be "ended." Luckily, Juicer's limbs were still rendered useless, and Lloki is spry even when inebriated.

But this is not all.

At an unsure moment in this caliginous history, the mosquitos came. No water flowed or stagnated nearby, no moisture in the air, yet they came, buzzing in their ears, singing them to a deadly sleep, drinking their poisoned blood. Gamin's carriage became full of the beasts, and nearly ate Sare alive while he had little to do to fight them off. Dyse, at Gamin's misunderstood advice, devoured pine needles to sway the dark agendas of these creatures, and though instead of swallowing the chewed needles he was supposed to rub it on his skin, the mosquitos left him alone thereafter. These evil things sucked at the sojourners' hides for hours before Gamin could rustle the useless bodies of the others into climbing back into the carriages to be whisked safely to their homes.

The next morning, surprised to find themselves alive, they all awoke to find their skin rashed by itching red bumps. Their arms were completely covered, their backs and chests mottled with the sores. Bear's face was the worst. But they survived, ascertaining that this was their acceptance and their power, thus dubbing them, "The Mosquito Tribe."

At Chaos Wars 12, as most know, the attending Belegrim were swarmed by fierce mosquitos, brandishing harpoon-like probosces and siren-like wing frequencies. Though Mosquito Tribe was bitten, though Mosquito Tribe used repellents, though Mosquito Tribe hated those vicious bastard swarms of the underworld... the bites didn't hurt. Not one freaking bit.

At Chaos Wars 13, Sare and Kanon attempted an initiation, but the craziness strangely did not take affect. Since they tried anyway, Sare accepted Kanon into the Tribe.


"Buzz-buzz, mother f@#$a."


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