Armageddon I

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Armageddon I

Hosted by Wolfpack, with assistance from IL realms.





People that attended Armageddon I, by camp they stayed in:

Sorcia, Kyrian, Cyric, Assyria, Canis Nocturnis, Malcar

Sir Winfang, Sir Tinman, Sir Chance, Colin, Chavez, Till, Sir Galin , Spazzz, Bran, Nolze, Misiti, Raccoon, Attack Brad, Sturm, JC, Rimmer, Louie, Legion, & Abby.

Sir Kegg, Kenneth, Sir Jikanta, Diego, Arioch, Sir V-Hil, Sir Soth, Sir Brutus, Sir Darklax, Sir Tybalt, Sir Khanda, Haardgrim, Sir Zaknafein, Aragorn, Sir Argoth, Rei, Sir Angmarth (Arnor), Daemarth (Arnor), Angwynn (Arnor), Jasmine (Arnor), Ohtar (Arnor)

Sir Madog, Ashling, Shub, Asher, Tarquinn, Higlar, Fay, Onika, Zrn'norg, Mercuria, Big Ah, Gidron

  • Independent camps

Owen, Thorondor (Arnor), Ainadae (Arnor), VanCleve (Arnor), Lady Feri (Middle Earth -Arborlon)

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