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Realm: Avalon

Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon - Retired


Rimmer was a staple to foam fighting for so many years that most of you peons probably don't remember life before him. An intimidating figure, both on and off the field, Rimmer was not one to mess with. His outlook was plain- If you're not a friend, you can fuck off. His fighting was legendary, having taken out entire units by himself without breaking a sweat. He was capable of great destruction and those smart enough to realize that usually kept out of his way.

Raised in the heartland of Ohio fighting, Rimmer grew up with many of the members of Avalon. He started fighting roughly around 1995. In 2000, he picked up a gray and black sash.

Just as he was an aggressive fighter on the field, his off field actions spoke of the same desire and passion in life. He was the first in to defend his beliefs and usually the last one out as well.

After Ragnarok XX, Rimmer decided to retire. Many in the community mourn his passing as a fighter as well as a friend.

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