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A national unit that contains the Brotherhood of the Falcon, the Elite Bloodfalcons, and the Dark Angels.

The Triad is a national unit that consists of three squads, legions, or parts - however, you prefer to say it. The first was the Brotherhood of the Falcon, then came the Elite Bloodfalcons and the Dark Angels. The three began as one unit of approximately 30-40 people in 1992 in the realm of Dur-Demarion. The unit had reached about half the size of the realm and was hurting role play and fighting because it would not fight a brother. The unit separated into three equal parts divided by character qualities and alignments (Lawful good, neutral, Chaotic evil...etc.) The majority of the unit, around 15-20, stayed in the Brotherhood and the rest went to the Elite and the Dark Angels. Occasionally the three units still claim the right of a single unit called the "Triad" in time of war or special need.

  • The Brotherhood of the Falcon is a mercenary unit designed to promote unity and strength in numbers. The idea was if someone belongs to the Brotherhood then they would never be without family or friends. This philosophy is tried and true, and always produces the same positive results.
  • The Dark Angels. The problem with fighting a Dark Angel is that you never see them coming...
  • Finally, the Elite Bloodfalcons. The EBF is a unit originally comprised of the best fighters from the Brotherhood. The four fighters, Rand al'thor, Ivan, Raché, and Onyx, were known for fighting and winning against overwhelming odds. The Elite, since that time, has grown not only in numbers but in maturity. No longer is the unit solely about fighting. It is more about kinship and loyalty. To be in the EBF you must pass a test of courage and loyalty, as well as have a unanimous vote from the unit before you can even be asked.

The Triad gathers at Rag XX - Photo by Crynolyn, DA

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