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Realm: Andor

Real Name: Eric Indseth

Started Fighting: 2005, became regular in 2006

Squired to: Sir Sorcia

Weapon styles: Sword and Board, Florentine

Yuri was introduced to foam fighting by some random guy in college with a few swords, but his real start was with the Realm of Andor, which he visited occasionally for over a year before becoming a regular attendee in 2006. He’s been addicted ever since.

Not long after Yuri was elected to be Field Commander of Andor, much to his surprise given the many more veteran choices available. But along with Outis, the Arch Herald at the time they ran the Realm for several years with Yuri gradually taking responsibility for weapon construction, maintenance and storage as Outis taught him about it, along with the standard Field Commander duties of running the fighting field. Indeed it took Yuri well over a year to get it through his head he wasn’t responsible for running Andor’s field anymore.

Yuri helped found and for the last three years has run the Battle of Andor, a local event that has gotten between 50 and 80 members each year. Yuri has also assisted with The Battle for the Ring in Irvine and recently was Event Coordinator for Wedageddon, which was amazing for anyone who missed it.

After Outis had to step down due to real life and so Yuri briefly assumed the Arch Heralds office, but since he had also been part of running the Realm for too many years he quickly turned the job over to Aizen and then reveled in Not being in charge of anything. Then the next Arch Herald, Winter, made him Chancellor meaning he is in charge of rules questions and waiver issues. Yuri still hasn’t forgiven Winter for this.

In early 2011 Yuri became a squire to Sir Sorcia. This has revived and refocused Yuri’s love of the sport. He is currently working hard to fulfill his list of tasks and learn as much as he can in the process.

Ps. He's a knight now.

Events Attended:

The Battle of Andor 1-3

The Battle for the Ring 1-3

Chaos wars 14 and 15

Battle of Sword Coast 1 and 2


Yestare 10


Awards Won:

Florentine Champion, Battle of Andor 2

Mixed Drink Contest, Chaos Wars 14, first place entry (Bliss)

Bardic Games, Chaos Wars 14, third place team (Story w/ actors, “How the Weapons Got Their Colors”)

Bardic Games, Yestare 10, first place entry (Origional Native American Flute Piece)

Non-Alcoholic Drink Contest, Chaos Wars 15, first place entry (Nostalgia)

Alcoholic Drink Contest, Chaos Wars 15, second place entry (Bliss)

Period Bardic Games, Chaos Wars 15, first place team (Story w/ actors, “Belegarth and the Dragon of Drama)

Non-Period Bardic Games, Chaos Wars 15, second place entry (Non-traditional dual flute piece)

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