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Field Commander of the realm of Andor whenever Vash isn't present. Frequently doesn't wear a shirt, despite continuous efforts from Djinn.

The shirtless ranger strong with both a bow and single blue can hold his own agaisnt anyone in his realm. Aizen prefers to stick in trees so if you can't find him start looking in trees especially at night.

Is a ninja and prefers round about tactics to blind charges but won't hesitate to charge with his men.

Closest comrades: Djinn, Vek, Vash, Orion, Ghar/Chimali Karan Hari , Rube, Dowjin

He doesn't drink any sort of alcohol so don't try.

"Fight with me, and I will slay your enemies, fight against me and you're are my enemy."

But that doesn't mean we can't be friends...


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