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Taken from their website:

Long ago, in the lands of Dur-Demarion, a unit was created out of the best and brightest of the realm. They called themselves the Brotherhood of the Falcon. Over the years, the Brotherhood grew to encompass much of the realm and a decision was made to split the unit into three smaller factions. The sneakiest bastards left to form the Dark Angels and the best fighters of the day formed the Elite Bloodfalcons.

Somewhere in there, the Brotherhood was abandoned and became a sort of breeding ground.

Power in the Brotherhood migrated around a lot in those days. Groups had branched off from the original Tennessee unit and gray and black could be found in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. All though the forces spread, their seeds didn't fully flourish until the Avalonian division saw a great cataclysm. It wasn't until one member decided to stand up and declare the Brotherhood as a mighty force. A separate force. A force to be reckoned with. From the ashes that had been fallen from the once might unit of Dur-Demarion, Prime Louie of Avalon molded a well-rounded fighting force.

The Brotherhood blossomed, becoming stronger, faster, and smarter than they had ever been, even in the old days of Dur-Demarion and it is to this memory that we hold true. For one Brotherhood, dedicated to family; dedicated to bringing change to the community. Although Louie has died, the values that he raised in all of us, and the values that Filth of the Northlands supported and held with, stays in our hearts and allows us to be what can only be called the most amazing unit in the world.

The Brotherhood of the Falcon, or more commonly referred to as BOF, is a part of the Triad along with the Elite Bloodfalcons and Dark Angels.


Most pictures are from Crynolyn, Obryn, Thrax, or Kara. If they're not, they will be labled accordingly.

Never bother a sleeping Anahita
Filth, the pig with wings
The Brotherhood gives Tibby their own sort of Knight's Trial
Brotherhood takes the castle at Geddon 3
The Bof Bar. Free Snotbelly with Every Purchase
Spring War '04 10 Man
Before most of you peons were out of grade school, Avalon could kick anyone's ass.
He may be old, but the guy can move. Piper
Four Women Of the Brotherhood.


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