Sir Par Mertyns, Lord of Mistwood

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Sir Par Mertyns, Lord of Mistwood

Realm: Rath

Title: King of Rath, 16th Knight of the Highlands of Chaos. President of Belegarth Medieval Combat Society 2011 & 2012

Units: Brotherhood of the Falcon

Real Name: Dane Johns


History: Par began fighting in 2003 when he found Belegarth while attending a debate tournament at Idaho State University. He started Shannara (Twin Falls, ID) and Rath (Boise, Id) both of which became voting realms of Belegarth MCS. He was Knighted in 2008 by Sir Thane. He Joined Brotherhood of the Falcon in October 2010 as a pledge, and became the first sashed member of BoF in June of 2011 at Armageddon X. He has served as Belegarth President for the 2011 season and is currently in that position.






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