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War Council decisions in 2009

Book of War changes in 2009

  • Minor change to 1.3.3.
    • Two and one-half inch rule-No surface on a striking edge (sword tip, arrow head, spear head, javelin head, etc.) whether designed for stabbing or not, may readily pass more than 0.5 inch through a 2.5 inch hole; swords with a semicircular tip, with a minimum 1.5 inch radius are exempt from this rule. See Appendix A,
  • Change to
    • If the Weapon is Class 3 only, it may not have a yellow cover.
  • Addition to
    • Class 1 (one-handed) Weapons cause one hit of Injury to a Target Area. Any Weapon swung with one hand no matter the size is a Class 1 Weapon, including equipment that qualifies as Class 2 Weaponry. Class 1 weapons swung with two hands causes one hit injury to a Target Area.
  • Addition to
    • A person may not Bash, Check or Shield Kick an opponent's rear quadrant. Shield pushing or incidental contact in an opponent’s rear quadrant is allowed.

National Events of 2009

People who were knighted in 2009

People who started fighting in 2009

Apolous Brutus
Khalon Antonius
Semtatem Rufius Clavicus
Tiberius Claudius Marcellus

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