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Realm: Rausumea

Persona History

In the small town, Untain, a young man laid a baby on the small church steps. As she laid there and cried, a young woman came out of the church and carried her into the drafty building. The church was older than most in the village, cold and had a leaky roof. As they walked through the church, the young woman dodged the drips of water falling randomly. The young woman finally made it to the back of the church, only to hand the baby to a young man, "Sir, here is a young one," and walked away. He took the baby and placed her in a small basket. Here is where this young child would be raised. As she grew older, they called her Hyra.

She lived in the church and would continue to do so until she became of age to venture out on her own. As she was living among them, she would secretly venture, nightly, to the market place. She was never suppose to leave the walls of the congrigation, for the outside world was to dangerous for a young lady like herself. She enjoyed watching people, and wondering why others did such things. But what she enjoyed most of all, was what happened outside of town. Women, men, children all dancing, drinking, and enjoying nature. Sometimes the fire would be several feet wide and many more tall. Women of all natures would join together and dance around this enormous fire, while men sat and admired. With each passing night she grew more and more excited, and began to work on dresses of many colors to hopefully, one day, leave the church and attend an evening with the fire.

After cleaning the floor in the dining room one evening, she grabbed the bag of clothes and food in which she had stashed, and ventured like a normal night. The only difference is tonight she would not return to the church. As she started this journey out on her own, she began to wonder what would ever become of herself from this moment on. As she made her way to her usual spot at the edge of the forest, she noticed that the mood had change slightly in everyone. Although it was nothing to get worried about it was just something that she herself had noticed from endless nights of watching them.

"Would you like to join them?" A man in the shadows behind her spoke.

"I would like to very much but I'm not sure im ready." She said.

"Well, maybe this will help." He walked over and helped her to her feet. "My name is Raftost. I live here, just like everyone else. Come they will not hurt you. They will name you but they will not hurt you."

As they started to walk through everyone acted as though she was no different than they. She was one of them, they moods were never altered.



"I have no where to go now. I left the church and now..."

"You are here now, come you can stay with me, I have noticed you in the woods many nights now."

"I see." She said as she was looking around at all the tents and small buildings. She loved this place from the moment she saw everything and everyone. "Where are we going?"

"To put your stuff down and show you around. I think we shall call you Dirtybird."

"Why Dirtybird?"

"Because you escaped from a Church suppose to be the purest of all places, is it not. You flew away. Understand?"

"Mmmm yes i think so. It will be something i will have to get used to."

"The name change is something we all get used to, love it and live it."

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