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A magistrate of Rausumea

Currently held by: Ashling, Kaine, Talic

Megleren, (Me-jsh-ler-en) our term for a Magistrate. The Megleren is in charge of roses and sashes. The Megleren is suppose to be informed of the state of all Venn Rausumeans and there current state of election into the Household. So any Av Rausumea, Venn Rausumea, Fetteren Rausumea, or new member may go to a Megleren and ask the status of a Venn Rausumean for induction into the Av Council or to start the Venn process.

Meglerens are chosen by the Dómari and only the Dómari, Góodi, or Jarl may remove a Megleren from office without a majority Executive Command given by the Av Council. It is assumed that with every new Dómari the Megleren are replaced.

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