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Talinor's banner, tooled into leather, dyed and painted.


Vital Stats

Hometown: Kitsap County, WA
Current Contact: Roz, Hawke, or Daggaroth Active Members: 12+
Info: Visit [1] for special events, forums, photo galleries, etc.

Practice Information

Location: Jackson Lund Park in Port Orchard, WA (view [2] for details).
Day/Time: Every Sunday at 12:30 P.M. till approximately 4-5.
Average Attendance: 15+
Misc: Talinor occasionally practices with our neighbors, Tacompton Alera in Tacoma, Gondor in Bellevue, Dargarth in Seattle, and Ixalai in Oak Harbor.


Ancient: Talinor was founded in Moscow, Idaho in 1995 by Sir Tasis with the help of his newly recruited lieutenants. Talinor participated in a number of joint battles with the Highlands of Chaos, and sent a few members to Ragnarok's XI through XV. After a few solid years and many vanquished foes, Sir Tasis and various leaders of the realm (Bortas, Dagorath, Laren, Tass, etc.) moved on to distant lands, and Talinor slowly dwindled away.
Recent History: In 2007, Bortas breathed life back in to Talinor, and began rebuilding Talinor's armies in Bremerton, Washington.

Modern: In 2016 Talinor, after dwindling to the brink of extinction, has been resurrected by Dexus and Bard and now hails from Port Orchard, Washington. Dexus, with his insatiable hunger for battle, and Bard, using his wisdom and knowledge of realm leadership, currently lead Talinor into a golden age. With several new faces joining the ranks and some old faces Talinor is now thriving and expanding.

In late 2016 neighboring kingdom Alera of the monster coast invaded the realm of Talinor. After a hard fought battle Talinor was defeated and is currently under the banner "Talinor of the monster coast" until the day it can defeat Alera and claim its solidarity once more. Now Talinor and Alera are close allies and can be seen training together quite frequently as realms of the monster coast.

In June of 2018 Talinor elected into power a War Council from its more experienced members to ensure life and growth for the chapter. 3 seats were made each with an equal amount of power and shared responsibility for the realm. Together with the other realms, they decided to join together and once a month take turns hosting glorious battles.


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