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Currently: Alera

This is primarily a historical entry. In 2012 Tacompton was renamed Alera. The realm is still sometimes referred to as Tacompton, especially by older fighters in the region. (Plus it's a cool name.)

For current info head over to the Alera page.


Tacompton: known as the "hardest city not straight outta South California".


Everyones gotta take a break sometime.

The Basics

Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Current Contact: Aleksii
Active Members: 25+
Info: Visit Awesometown for photo galleries and basic information and you know... stuffs.

Added: Check out the Facebook group - "Tacoma Belegarth - Alera of the Monster Coast"

Practice Information

Location: Wapato in Tacoma, WA).
Day/Time: Tuesdays
Average Attendance: 25+



(list is non-inclusive)

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