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A Javelin is a Class 4 that can also be used as a class 3 weapon
Picture of a javelin and thrower.


For instructions, see Constructing a Javelin.

Javelins in Belegarth

Javelins play an important role for many Belegarth warriors, it being a weapon that can be thrown and used to stab opponents.

Throwing Javelins

To throw a javelin, one must hold it like a large pencil, with all fingers beneath the shaft of the weapon except for the index finger. It should be held where the javelin is balanced on the hand. To throw the weapon, extend the arm and flick your wrist in a smooth motion. The shoulder muscle is also very important to give the javelin speed an accuracy. Make sure you are at least 3 ft. away from your target when throwing, as not to injure them.


From the Book of War:
1.1.8 Javelin – Thrown Class 4 Weapon
1.2.4 Class 4 and 5 Weapons are marked in a manner to indicate a Marshal has inspected them.
1.3.2 All non-striking surfaces must be padded adequately to prevent personal injury from incidental contact.
1.3.5 The maximum allowed flex of any Weapon except Javelins is 45°. See Appendix A,
1.4.7 Javelins must conform to all of the following: Must also pass as a Class 3 Weapon. The maximum weight is sixteen (16) ounces. The minimum length is four (4) feet. The maximum length is seven (7) feet. Padded along the entire length. Must flex less than 90°. This is an exception to Appendix A, 1.3.5. Must have a yellow cover.

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