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Full Name: Bronisław Obrońca z Numenoru, Mgr., WND

Bronislaus the Defender of Numenor, M.A., ABD</font>


Bronić Słabych Karać Bezczelnych - Defend the Weak and Punish the Impudent</font>

14px-Glagoljica Buki.svg.png 12px-GlagolitsaSlovo.gif 8px-GlagolitsaKako.gif 14px-Glagoljica Buki.svg.png -- B S K B
Bronislaus of Numenor's shield and colors
Slavic Solar Symbol

Bronislaus the Defender
Homeland: Lwów, Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita)
Realm: Numenor
Unit: Brotherhood of the Falcon
Rank in Unit - Brother
Squire to Sir Diego the Goat of Numenor
Race: Human
God: Perun, Slavic god of Justice and the Storm
Real Name: Jack James Hutchens
Note of interest: "Bronek" is short for "Bronisław" [bro-nee-swav], from - bronić - to defend, and sława - glory = "Protector of Glory " in Slavic[1]

Squire Bronislaus at Spring War 2010

Fighter History

Bronislaus began fighting in the Belegarth world in Year 4 of the Bel-calendar (2005 ACE) when he moved to the realm of Numenor from Kansas to begin his advanced studies in Polish literature at the local monastery. Though Bronislaus began attending Numenor drills in Bel-Year 4, he did not partake in any major battles until Bel-Year 6 when he attended the Oktoberfest games of that year. And so began Bronek's addiction to Bel-tournaments. Since Bel-Year 6 he has attended multiple games every season, including Armageddons, Spring Wars, Summer Wars, Muxlovian Mayhems (a personal favorite of his), Numenor and Wolfpack Openers, and several smaller tournaments. He even cooked feast for the Okotoberfest games of Bel-Year 7.
He was a member of the unit Heidoran and an associate member of the unit Templar Draconis Kestevara for a period of time, but left both for a personal journey of enlightenment. Finally, in Bel-year 9 Bronislaus began petitioning the Brotherhood of the Falcon for membership into their ranks. In Bel-year 10 he was accepted as squire to Sir Diego the Goat of Numenor, and continues his training under Sir Diego's tutelage.
In the month of Lótessë in Bel-year 9, Bronislaus successfully defended his Dissertation Proposal before the Council of Four to achieve his ABD.

On the day of Isilya, in the month of Nárië of Bel-year 10 Bronislaus was inducted as a full member into the Brotherhood of the Falcon.

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