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The TDK symbol is the Dragon and the Unicorn. Sir Satanaka and Yvonne Krivacek are two of the members of Templar that you can contact.

Let it be known that Templar Draconis Kestevara do hereby unite to form this Order!

Templar Draconis Kestevara translates as "The Knights of the Dragon and Unicorn" and/or "The Temple of the Dragon and Unicorn":

Templar - Knight, Temple, Protector, Defender.
Draconis - "Draco", Dragon, of or pertaining to Dragons.
Kestevara - One of the Nine Unicorns, Great Omen, Keeper of the Great Secrets.

The Game is based and inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings therefore "Templar Draconis Kestevara" shall also be based on fantasy as well as a historical viewpoint. The Dragon and the Unicorn are used to represent all spectrums of the Fantasy philosophy. The Circle signifies the unity and completion of the full spectrum.

Some basic goals of the Templar Draconis Kestevara are:

  • Have fun in a safe manner.
  • Promote a good attitude and good sportsmanship.
  • The betterment of the Game.
  • To give people a challenge in their characters, fighting and playing.
  • To help members to understand and enjoy the Game better.
  • To pass on the knowledge, wisdom, experience, legends, and tales of the Game.
  • To give back to Belegarth the great things it has give its members.
  • Try to encourage a Code of Honor that promotes the game and promotes a positive attitude of members.
  • Teach members a wide variety of aspects of the Game- both fighter and non-fighters.

The Mission of this Order/ Unit are governed by the members and the Council. All members have a voice and help decide on issues such as: Goals, Direction, Leadership, System of Justice, Values, and other apsects. Since the begginning- a Knights Council has been used with one Knight Serving as the Chairman. A Ranking system exists within the order for the members. A leader's or member's title may vary due to the individual character (Shogun, Daimyo, Queen, King, Duke, Czar, Emperor, Baron, Prince, Khan, Knight, WarLord, etc.).

The two Paths within the Order/ Unit are: Path of the Dragon & Path of the Unicorn. Each path has it's own challenges and requirments. As stated by Lady Yvonne at Armaggedon 5: "... On the path of the Dragon or Unicorn- as you advance- you learn more and more of the other path as well...". We feel that this allows for a better well rounded perspective of the Game. Membership is open to both fighters and non-fighters. Each person is challenged in a unque way. Members are not required to become a Knight. Knighthood is just one of the many path to choose from. We try to help all members become a well rounded person within the game.

The Code of Honor is taught to all members. Each and every member has a responsability to serve as Honor Guard to all other members of the Order/ Unit. Honor Tokens - (as taught by Hammer of Dur-Demarion) will be used and can be earned as well as taken away. Other rules of honor are given within the order which are created and maintained by the members. Most issues will be decided by representation of each member. In some situations- the "Cloth of Gold" shall be used.

This Charter is only a doorway to the many ideals and opportunities that await you. For membership one can petition an existing member and/or a leader of the Order/ Unit. Upon entering the "Templar Draconis Kestevara", you have opened that doorway and are setting forth on a great journey. This challenge is not for everyone. If you are intersted in a challenge- that test you to do your best, to learn more about the game- then it might be for you.

Let YOUR Journey begin!


In Faith and Service,

Sir Satanaka 5th Knight of Dur Demarion

Knighthood REVOKED unanimously by the realm of Dur-Demarion. 2015


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