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Acorn v. Ruben in her Catalyst Tail Trail, 2010
Slaycorn and her team in Warlords Battle at Battle for the Ring 2015

"Acorn" (aka "Slaycorn")


Acorn is a Babylon fighter and one of the founders of Tir na nOg and Valkyries.

"Slaycorn" fighting at Dagorhir's Ragnorok 30 in 2015

Acorn approaches fighting like a sport and is currently working on her trials for Catalyst. Along with fighting, she often runs/helps run events like Western Wars, Oregon Opener, Chaos Wars 16, and recently the Drunken Goblin pub at Battle for the Ring. She loves shenanigans and raising the level of game play, garb, and fun all-community activities.

She gets her name from Aphex, who thought that she and her twin, Rocca, should match somehow, and thus turned Rocca backwards and said it sounded like Acor, which turned into Acorn because she is "a nut."

Acorn owns The Shield Shop.

Acorn and Rocca during Monster Day at Chaos Wars XV
Acorn with her version of Lagertha from "Vikings" shield.
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