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The Black Tempest Armada Emblem


The Black Tempest Armada is currently the last remaining Guild born out of the ancient lost realm of Fortriu, and have since moved on to found a realm known as Blackfish Bay. The Armada is a Guild for various Pirates and Crews to come together under one flag to fight for

Founded: 12/2/2011 by Mad Jak Theron and Bilgewater Bones in the Original Fortriu.

Current Locations:Fortriu, Fresno CA. Blackfish Bay, Estero Bay CA. Visalia CA.



The Black Tempest Armada is a fleet of ships lead by the fabled ghost ship known as the Grey Ghost. it's Founders Mad Jak Theron and Bilgewater Bones rallied an army of pirates on a final assault against the imperial fleets which threatended their island homes. Through the battle the Black Tempest Armada was born, an alliance of pirates created for the soul purpose of protecting the pirate's free way of life, against and ever evolving ever shrinking world. the Black Tempest Armada can be found in many locations, from their hidden Fortress in the lost nation of Fortriu, to the portside town of Rubacava located in Blackfish Bay. Many captains have come to fight alongside the Armada, the greatest of these captains have been asked to join the Armada War Council. Together the War Council decides what is best for the guild.

Warbaron Bilgewater Bones and Dreadlord Mad Jak Theron

Armada War Council

  • Dreadlord: Founder and head of command in the guild. Dreadlord is head representitive of the guild in all matters.
  • Warbaron: Co-Founder and second in political affairs, but head of command on the battlefield. the Warbaron is the right hand of the Dreadlord, and fearless commander of the Armada's fleet.
  • Grand Admiral: hand picked by the Dreadlord and Warbaron, The Admiral is the tactical head of the Armada and chief advisor to the Dreadlord and Warbaron
  • Commodore: chosed by vote of the Armada War Council, Commodore is the head of combat training ensuring that each sect has full access and understanding of all Armada, Bluesmithing, training, and tactical information.
  • Captains: the fearsome commanders of the Armada's ships, Captains are commanders on the battlefield and leader's of their realm's sect of the Armada. Capatins are the soul represenative of their realm in the Armada War Council, and it is their duty to properly represent the will of themselves and their fellow Armada realm-mates.

Ships, Crews & Captains- in the Armada unit's are split up into what we call "Ships". Ships are run entirely by preference of the Captains, as the Armada has absolutely no right to the affairs of a captain's ship.

The Grey Ghost

The Iron Fang

Bilgewater Bones (Co-Founder Warbaron)



Davey Jones

Baby Kyle


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