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Mad Jak Theron circa 2015


Fighter Info:

Character Name: Jak Calavera

Real Name: Spencer

Started Fighting: 2009

Race: Deathrisen, was a Tiefling in life

Class/Occupation: Lich Pirate

Realm Started in: Camden Rowan

Current Realm: Blackfish Bay

Current Unit:n/a

Date Joined Current Unit: 2011 (founder)

Fighting Style: Single Blue and back shield/ Red Sword / Quarterstaff

Tribes, Clans, Guilds and Houses: The House of Mar, Black Tempest Armada (founder), Midnight Sons

Former Units: Darastrix Okarthel(year and a half), Grey Wardens(6 months), Witherwood Company (no longer present sister unit).


  • The Mad
  • Child of the Sorrow
  • Emperor of the Black Flags
  • Pirate Lord of the Underworld
  • Lich King of Blackfish Bay
  • Dreadlord of the Black Tempest Armada
  • Captain of the Grey Ghost


Jak was a Tiefling Male born under the Great House of Mar and the Miagani Tribe. His mother and fatherwere Inn Keepers in the Portside town of Rubacava, and his grandparents Herb and Zelda were vetran sailors known throughout Blackfish Bay. At the age of 9 Jak had begun work as a cabin boy on a local fishing vessel in Rubacava, it was here that Jak found his first love The Sea. One year later, their ship had ended up being caught in a large storm and eventually washed ashore with Jak being the only one to survive. he'd spent a year alone on an uncharted island surviving primarily off of rations leftover from the shipwreck, it is said the isolation and fear of being eaten by wild animals temporarily drove his under developed mind to become almost like that of a feral creature. Jak was eventually found by a passing ship captained by Ol' Ed Hunt, a famous sailor in Jak's hometown. Ed's grandson, had spotted Jak on the shoreline while testing out his new spyglass.

After returning home Jak had much trouble re-adjusting to life among normal society and had found peace with a clan of Ronin known as the Zintaris who trained him in the art of the sword and his connections to the spiritual world until he grew to adulthood. Jak not only grew into an excellent swordsman, but a powerful student of the mind as well. Jak would eventually leave the Zintaris when 'Ol Ed Hunt passed away and Bilgewater Bones had been given his ship "The Iron Fang". The same ship he had been rescued on as a boy, which They used as a personal vessel for fishing expeditions. Eventually when Herb and Zelda passed as well, and Jak was gifted with their ship "The Rum Runner". The ship that survived the Rubacava Raids during the days of the town's construction. Jak and Bones started a merchant shipping company with these vessels, and for about 5 years traveled the seas as merchants until Jak's ship was eventually brought down by a band of pirates on an expedition up the coast of Norcalia. While Jak did survive the Battle with the Pirates, his ship did not. Jak died alone bleeding out on the bow of his ship, surrounded by the bodies of his dead crew, and the pirates who attacked them. The Rum Runner Sank to the ocean floor where it would remain for over 10 years.

6 months later when Jak and the Rum Runner never returned to Rubacava, Bones set out on a quest to find him. eventually forcing himself to give up the search one year later. Jak's body was found washed ashore by an elderly shaman who had been marooned on the island many years priop. Jak was resurrected by the shaman and his soul was Bound to the Dark Eco Crystal that had been braided into his hair. Turning him into a Lich. Jak spent over 10 years on this island. Most of his time was spent training under the shaman who had resurrected him. It is unknown what happened to the shaman by the time Jak escaped the island, though it is rumored that the shaman passed away a few years before Jak left the island. Jak eventually escaped the island on his own, using dark magiks found in the shaman's grimoire to raise "The Rum Runner" from the briny depths and transform it into the ghost ship known as "The Grey Ghost".

When Jak had finally returned to the civilized world, but rubacava was not as he left it. Imperial forces had overthrown his homeland, and they were doing everything in their power to wipe out any and all potential rebel rousers. They had a pareticular distain for monsters. he'd found people now feared him for his appearence. he was a corpse now, and not a pretty one. Jak spent much of the few first months back living as a hermit in his family's inn, fearing citizens who saw him may cause a threat to his family were the authorities contacted. Unfortunately Jak's inability to find work as a merchant sailor eventually forced him into a life of Piracy. Eventually many of Jak's closest friends were forced into a life of piracy whenever Jak would use his necromancy in an attempt to save their life. Eventually Jak and Bones founded the alliance of pirates known as the Black Tempest Armada. In time Jak and Bones emassed an army powerful enough to fight off the Imperial forces and reclaim their homeland. The rebellion was victorious and the people crowned Jak as King of Blackfish Bay, making him the first publically known Lich King if the common era. The Armada and the rebellion would become Blackfish Bay's Militia and Naval Force respectively.

Events Attended:

Battle for the Ring III

War of Silica Vale II/ Fools Raid

Sith Invasion

Battle for the Ring IV

War of Laughing Skull and W.O.P.

War of Wrath I

Stronghold I

Battle for the Ring V


War of Wrath II

Battle for the Ring VI

War of Wrath III

Silica Vale VI

Silica Vale V

War of Wrath V

Harvest Massacre VII

Battle for the Ring IX

War of Wrath VI: Return of the Old Gods

Character Facts:

  • All of Jak's story pre-lich transition takes place at least a couple hundred years ago.
  • Jak is currently the oldest "living" Tiefling and because of this it is theorized that Jak may also be the first tiefling to ever be born.
  • is unknown if his age also made him the first Lich, but he is confirmed to be the first to publicly come forward as one while ruling a kingdom (fortriu), making him the first official Lich King.
  • Due to his Tiefling bloddline, his parents are TECHNICALLY surrogates to his Demon sire.
  • Jak's Tiefling heritage comes from his mother's side. She was a descendant of the Miagani Tribe, who in ancient times worshiped the demon Barbatos. During the tribal days of The Miagani, one of Jak's ancestors made a pact with Barbatos making one of their descendants a tielfing. That Descendant ended up being Jak.
  • Jak's Father was born under The Great House of Mar, descendants of the hero Mar, who's bloodline was fortold to have saved the planet from a great ancient evil in the days long past.
  • Jak's Grandparents were Herb and Zelda Brial, a pair of well known vetran sailors in the region Blackfish Bay. They were most famous for helping fending off a large raid of pirates who'd attacked Rubacava during it's construction.
  • Jak's Brother is Cornelius Calavera also known as San Drake Den Forsta.
  • Ed's grandson would one day grow up to become Jak's life long friend and right hand man Bilgewater Bones.
  • Jak's primary Phylactery is a large Dark Eco Crystal that had been gifted to him by his father when he was a child. this crystal has been past down from father to first born son since the days of old.
  • Jak has been lost at sea twice. The second time, he was killed and ressurected after washing up an an uncharted island.
  • It is rumored that the shaman was actually a precursor in disguise who's primary study was dark eco, sent to complete the cycle of heroism all sons of Mar must endure.
  • Jak carries around many of the shaman's belongings, including but not limited to: His shrunken head collection, his Grimoire, and his headband.
  • Due to the fact that The Grey Ghost is now a magical ship held together by Jak's spellcasting, he actually doesn't require a crew to operate the sails or the helm. However he does need a crew in order to operate it's weapons systems as they are still cannon ball fed and ammunition based.
  • Along the way home Jak had actually passed by Bones who'd been sailing the Iron Fang on a trade route leaving rubacava. Bones had intitially thought he'd finally lost it, and saw the ghost of the rum runner heading for home. (technically he was right)
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