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Viking Bastards.jpg

The Viking Bastards


The Viking Bastards are a conglomeration of like-minded individuals whose purposes and agenda are shrouded in mystery. Members come from many realms and areas and often have dual memberships in other groups, such as the Triad and Dark Angels. Viking Bastards are also inter-game, claiming members of other boffer groups such as Amtgard.

Founded by Tor and Jothardin the Cruel in 2002, the Viking Bastards only add to their ranks by the voting of peers, and sometimes the sheer hubris of Tor. Membership requirements include a strong grasp of irony, a strong hatred of turdery in all its forms, owning a Viking helmet or slurping down on Tor's e-peen. You'd better not have a gag reflex; Tor's hung like a Shetland Pony.

Apparently, in 2007 some dipshit decided to remove all vestiges of the VB forums as well as ban some stinky troll from the Board for no apparent reason. What a douche.

2009 has already shown the majority of members to be worthless and complacent faggots, mere shadows of their former troll selves who brought swift justice on turds and showed them that they would not be tolerated. However, the new blood has been showing a glimmer of hope toward a brighter VB future.

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