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Jothardin- a viking and a bastard.
Winfang's recurring fantasy

Jothardin (or Jothardin the Ass Clown, as I like to be called, bitch) is a loser from the Realm of Arnor who has been fighting for six years or so. Jothardin is best known as King of the Elite Blood Falcons, a crack regiment of the KEWLEST ass mofo's that Belegarth has ever seen. He is also a founding member of the Warriors of the Cross, a since defunct unit. Jothardin is also a founding member of the Viking Bastards because he had his picture taken with a viking helmet. He is widely considered to be a keyboard cowboy because his main interaction with Belegarth has been through the Belegarth web board. No one has seen him at an event since Armageddon II, although he did help draft the web board rulez adopted by the War Council at Armageddon III.

Jothardin started the EBF (which, by the way, also stands for "EveryBody's Friend") back in 1978 C.E., when he decided that the sport of Dagorhir needed a "fierce f'ing tribe of burger gobbling warlords" to scare off the Hamburglar. He immediately declared himself King, and before anyone knew it, he became the most powerful man in the game. Jothardin's second in command, right-palm man, Lord Onyx, summed it up best:

The EBF is not some roleplaying group of over grown teenagers. We are a group of 20-40 year old men, who take our relationship and our group fairly seriously. We like a joke as much as the rest, but we work way too hard to earn the title of EBF and we frown heavily on anyone who attempts to soil our name.

Today the EBF mostly cooks and eats burgers, professionally and recreationally, respectively.

Jothardin started the Warriors of the Cross unit back in 1997 when he became disenchanted as a geologist and decided that people needed a reason to confuse their real world delusions with their fantasy delusions, stating that "no one will dare challenge the power the allows me to soar upon the wings of eagles et cetera, et cetera" and adjusting his special garb tennis shoes.

Today the Warriors of the Cross is one of the most powerful units in the Belegarth world, and is even feared by their bestest friends, the Brotherhood of the Falcon. Some of the members even still wear tennis shoes with their pretty, pretty garb.

Jothardin was also invited into the unit Warriors of the Cock by Koom, but politely declined. However, he did keep the free toaster oven.

In September of 2007 Jothardin resigned from foam fighting, although it might be argued that he tacitly quit years ago, biotch.

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