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Umbra Imperium is a fledgling Realm based in the Akron area. They took over Avalon's previous practice spot at Hardesty Park as they have moved to Goodyear Park. They practice on and off Sundays and Wednesdays at least once a week. They focus on training the newer and inexperienced members while still catering to the various scenario battles preferred by some of its veterans. They have attended a few minor events, but they hope to someday attend a national event and show them what the Imperium is all about!


The Realm of Umbra Imperium

Location: Akron, OH

Major Bases: Hardesty Park and Shatto Community Center

Founded: 2011

Total Members: 20 and rising

Average Attendance: 5-7 a meeting

Units based within the Realm:

Units that Fight in the Realm

  • None Currently


Wednesday (If Weather Permits) - 3:30 till dark at Hardesty Park
Wednesday - 3:30 till 6:30 at Northwest Community Center on Shatto
Sunday (Inconsistant) - Around lunch, 12-2:00 until 4:00 or 6:00, depends on the day
Current Schedule as per the original, subject to change based on member availability

Any changes or additional practices are circulated via text and the official Facebook page.

Official Information

Official Realm Colors: Argent and Sable

  • Argent = Silver: Peace and Sincerity
  • Sable = Black: Constancy
  • All units created and based in this Realm as units of the Kingdom must incorporate these colors into their group, while those who are either Rebelling or based out of other Realms are not required.

Leadership and Governing

This section delves into the governing of the Realm and of its Houses and other memberships. All follow under the rule of Lordship of the Realm and the Crown.

Leadership of the Realm as of March 2013

Governing Powers

  • Official leader during events and Roleplay
  • Organizes the practices and the goals along his advisers
  • Is voted in by the members when the previous King/Lord dies (leaves) or abdicates

The Small Council

These are the main positions of authority in the Realm and Kingdom. They provide training, help in construction, and provide good advice to the fellow members of the Realm. They also help in any changes of membership or any governing laws of the Realm itself.

Grand Maester
  • Leader of the Small Council
  • Works as the leader of the Realm on the National Level as well as Ambassador to other Realms
  • Helps to maintain the history and information circulation of the groups
  • Acts as main Adviser to the King/Lord
  • Must pass all the tests of the Maester

The Master of Coin
  • A member of the Small Council
  • Acts as Financial Coordinator of the Realm's funds
  • Maintains a stock of the armory along with the Master at Arms
  • Helps create Banners and other such items for events
  • Maintains a stock of garb to be borrowed by those without
  • Helps new membership create their own garb
  • Must pass the the test of Coin

Master at Arms
  • A member of the Small Council
  • Leads training
  • Maintains the Weapons of the Realm
  • Helps to build new weaponry with new members
  • Tests weapons during local events
  • Runs training sessions
  • Helps to teach all new members
  • Maintains battlefield discipline
  • Serves as a Marshal during events and practices
  • Must pass the Arming Test

  • A member of the Small Council
  • Acts as Activites coordinator for events and practices
  • Organizes Public advertising and information
  • Maintains the list of members
  • Maintains all paperwork for the Realm including Waivers and Bios
  • Acts as Scribe for the Small Council

  • Assistant to the Master at Arms
  • Makes sure that all members of the Realm wear appropriate garb at events
  • Serves as a Marshal during events and practices
  • Tests weapons during local events
  • Helps to teach all new members
  • Maintains battlefield discipline
  • Must pass the Arming Test

  • Assistants to the Master of Coin and the Grand Maester.
  • Helps create Banners and other such items for events
  • Maintains a stock of garb to be borrowed by those without
  • Helps new membership create their own garb
  • Helps to maintain the history and information circulation of the groups
  • Must pass all the tests of the Maester

Current Leadership

Belegarth Forum Name: thecaptain6657

Belegarth Forum Name: shadowulf

Belegarth Forum Name: ???

Belegarth Forum Name: ???

Belegarth Forum Name: ???

  • Serjeant: ???

Belegarth Forum Name: ???

  • Maester: ???

Belegarth Forum Name: ???

  • Maester: ???

Belegarth Forum Name: ???

Member's List and Citizenship


Citizenship in this realm is defined by time in the realm, crimes committed against the Kingdom if any, unit loyalty, and [character's] race. Currently still being debated on the various governing rules of such however there can be found here a list of the memberships of the Realm. They are listed in order of least to best.

Exiled and Traitors

Those who have committed crimes against the Kingdom or have been proven to be enemy's of the Kingdom and are therefore considered hostile to the Kingdom and may either be attacked or imprisoned on sight. The two types define what kind of treatment they actually receive. Exiled are those who are actually banned from the Realm due to actions that are either unsafe or create a hostile environment for fellow fighters. They can regain entry if they prove themselves worthy, but if they are causing issues consistently they will be permanently exiled and named enemies of the nation. On the other hand a Traitor is a Roleplay enemy based on fighting rivalries and Roleplay ties within the realm, this does not actually affect entrance into the realm only Roleplay treatment such as during such fights or feasts and other events, however no one is discriminated against.


A caste of men and women who make up the large expanse of the Kingdom. Most are poor and unable to afford weaponry or armor, yet they are required to serve as bannermen to the various Lords of the Realm Essentially the rank that all new members fall into who have never fought before or those who have returned from exile. These are those who have no weapons, armor, or garb, and are generally still learning how to fight. They may serve under the older members or Lords in order to train and be given full membership.


Men and women who have gained some stance within the land. They are still poor, but have proven themselves when called to battle. They are learning still and still serve as bannermen to the Lords of the Realm. New members who have passed the Rite of Initiation fall under this category. They generally still have little to no weapons, garb, or armor and are still learning, but they have proven themselves in fighting and have gone to a few practices. They still may serve under the veteran members and Lords in order to gurther train and prove themselves.

Apprentice (Craftsman)

Those of the realm who do not fight, but provide good and useful services for the Realm and Kingdom as a whole. They may not yet have a specific trade, nor yet be of readiness to visit with men of great standing, but they have begun to learn. These are non-com members who help in what they can in terms of building, or helping events, or any other basic jobs until they pick/have a craft. They, as with other new members, are not yet expected to have their own gear or garb.


Warriors who have begun to amass their gear. They have survived a few major battles, perhaps even a war. They show their pride in their lowly cloth and may even have personal weapons of great worth to them. These are members who have taken the first steps to becoming full members, they have some gear, and at least one set of garb for events.

Journeymen (Craftsmen)

Those of the realm who do not fight, but provide good and useful services for the Realm and Kingdom as a whole. They however are just starting out their journey and do not yet have the skills of a master. These are non-com members who help in building weapons, garb, armor, cooking, brewing, or other useful skills that add to the realm at events as well as to the Roleplay of the Realm as a whole. They as well have at least one set of garb for events.

Sworn Swords

These are veteran warriors who have proven themselves worthy in battle time again. They have purchased, made, or otherwise obtained proper and full gear of a sword of the realm. They have survived countless battles and numerous wars and are fully loyal to the realm. These are veteran members who have went to several events, gone to many practices, have been loyal to the Realm and have gotten good sets of gear and garb.

Foreign Dignitary

These are those men and women of other allegiances who support the Realm and Kingdom, but are not members of the Realm itself. They may not hold any office or position but they may have ambassadors within the King for their voice. Another somewhat RP rank, its mostly for allies of the Kingdom who either fight within the realm from time to time, or for outside Units and Realms who support our Realm or the Kingdom but do not actually fight within its borders.

Current Member Lists

In order of Citizenship/Position

Active Members

On Book, non-active Members

  • Syrena the Assassin - Peasant; Dark Elf
  • Geibling (Souji)- Peasant; Human
  • Duke Newcomb - Peasant; Dwarf
  • Tyler - Peasant; Human
  • Lilith - Peasant; Demoness
  • Mica - Peasant; Human (supposed)
  • Dwarven Geibling - Peasant; Dwarf


Note: Originally founded as Milchamah, but was voted to a name change by the Senate Imperial of the Newly Forged Realm Imperial. Now that its style has changed some wonder if the name itself may be changed

History as orated by the Faceless Monk, until his death, transferred and continued by his good friend and scribe Reynard Lycian.

In the year of Two thousand and seven or eight, there lived a young Ranger of unknown name and origin, though he was of elven birth. He was a lone fighter who traveled amongst the woods and rivers of the Appalachia. He met a young Warrior and Ambassador of the Emerald Isles. They together found the Kingdom of Avalon in which they were both accepted as new warriors in service to the Knights of the Brotherhood of the Falcon. They fought together for a few years and began to see a lull in the once powerful and focused Kingdom. Many of the men and women appeared to become very disillusioned with the fighting and training.

They began discussing what ways they could do to improve the Kingdom. However within the year of two thousand of nine Avalon disappeared from the Kingdom and the forest of Hardesty was abandoned. The young Ranger was very saddened and the young Ambassador had a new idea, create a new Realm, one where younger and more exuberant members could fight in. They visited the local Academy of Fire Stone during their discussions and shared many a bottle of mead and a cross word with the more sour old professors of the institution. It was there they met one more to join their fold in the year of two thousand and eleven. The Faceless Monk.

It was in the academic study of the Physical Aspects of the World that they met him and discussed their plans with him. He had previously seen Avalon and witnessed its disappearance. They decided to add him in as a third comrade to the master plan. The Faceless Monk went on to write many of the documents and ideas that would become the basis of this new Realm. He and his young scribe assistant, Reynard of the Noble House Lycian, utilized the Network of Information to bring about a few new members to the Realm.

The Ranger brought his young Shieldmaiden and companion, Lady Laurana, as well as a young, short, and extremely light bard of unknown nightly activities and of vicious technique, the sister of said bard, a young assassin and a temptress as well. The Ambassador brought with him an armory combined with the Ranger's to provide more than enough weaponry, and the Monk brought his old bodyguard, a monster, and a powerful and merciless fighter, with little control and little caring for those besides his master.

Thus began the realm of Milchamah as it was known. Chosen from the ancient scriptures the ancient eastern word meaning Warrior. The Ambassador trained many well in the art of axe mastery and use of shields, while the Ranger taught the skills of two weapon fighting and ranged weaponry. For some time, young rapscallions of the local Academy joined along with young flames of the Assassin. However few of these fools stayed long as they had no discipline as warriors.

That winter there was a two-fold event that changed the face of the realm. The Ambassador was recalled into service back to the Emerald Isles and left, unfortunately not to return. However despite this newer permanent membership began to become established, two young brethren of the bard-warrior and a young Succubus of the Eastern lands joined the fold.

This lead to a romance between the Bodyguard and the Succubus and the holidays lead to a strengthening of the bonds between the realm members. They found shelter inside a local Inn and Library near the Church and the Academy for training during the cold months. There they trained till springtime when the weather returned to fairer climes. A slight lull was reached during the festival of Dionysus at the Academy, but training resumed afterwards in the summer months.

In late summer tragedy again struck. The young Succubus left for the northern lakes and the many members all disappeared into a temporary hold. The Bodyguard went crazy and temporarily had to be removed due to his dangerous fighting that had begun to claim his allies as well as enemies. The Monk returned west to practise his art while the Ranger and Shieldmaiden attended festivals of celebration of the arts of the time. However this was not to last, as the new year of Academic study began the members returned from their joruneys and celebrations and began to seek to train again, though it lacked the purpose they felt in the years previous. The Shieldmaiden put away her sword and shield and joined a troupe of Bards as did Syrena and Featherweight leaving the Ranger and the Monk to train what few members they had at that time.

This lead to the historic new beginning, the Ranger realizing the opportunity and the possibility decided change needed to be made. He contacted the monk and the scribe and discussed his ideas and they seized on the idea immediately . They formed the temporary Triad of governing called the Senate Imperial and began to discuss the new ideas and changed needing to be made. They contact many of the members to inform them of the change and began to establish what is now known as the Umbra Imperium.

Reynard and the Monk began putting forth excerpts of the Codex to be read by all who would wish to join the realm. They also sought to find funds so that they might equip an armory for their small, but ambitious Realm. The Ranger began to craft armor, and Lady Laurana began to design heraldry for their banners. It was a time of great industry.

While this was well for a time, many of the members did not understand the system, nor did it work for such a small scale. As well many wished to return to the chivalry of the ages of old that had once reigned, yet had never been enforced. The Faceless Monk was slain in combat and taken by a mercenary or unknown origins, who with his help changed the style of the Realm yet again with the Ranger, and Reynard Lycian. Another surprise, the vampire, assumed, Gavin Von Hiken, had quickly proven himself through test of battle. The Orc finally was given a light sentence, and given temporary return. After the celebrations of a new year and another passing solstice the warriors returned with the goal of readying for the main combat of the continent and perhaps entering into the Tourneys and Melees they had so heard of.

History Summary

In about 2008 or 2009 two young fighters of the Realm of Avalon, The Ranger and the Ambassador, began to notice a lull and a disinterest among its members. Then one day in about 2010 or so Avalon left Hardesty Park right by the School and the Library. They decided they wanted to make their own realm so that they might be able to continue Belegarth within the community and allow new players to join in. They invited a third member, The Faceless Monk, and he and his friend began to set up the paperwork and the various electronic communication groups and such so that they would be ready for new members. They invited a few members from the school, many from the musical area. They met up in Hardesty and founded the Realm of Milchamah, chosen by the Ranger for its meaning of Warrior. They fought well and had fun until the Winter where they lost one of the leaders, The Ambassador, but they gained a few new members and their numbers stayed consistent.

After winter they were joined by a few more members and they prospered throughout the summer having their members going to a couple events and some going to a few medieval faires. They met with the Brotherhood of the Falcon for a few of these events and saw a true unit in action. They had a fun summer until August where there was almost no activity at all, however they began to start up again around the beginning of school. However many of the members were bored and began to lose interest. The Ranger hoping to restart interest and improve the group spoke with the Monk and discussed major changes that needed to be made to improve the Realm as a whole. He agreed and began work immediately with his Scribe. They changed the name through their new Senate and began to improve the practices to focus more on skill training and comradery and less of the random, unfocused, and generally long battles.

However after a while a lot of the members felt it was too complex and got in the way of the fighting and the Roleplaying. It was suggested to model more after medieval styles and Game of Thrones in order to simplify and focus on the Realm more so then ever. It was annoying to some, however it was agreed upon by most of the leadership as a necessary measure. The Faceless Monk wished to take a new persona, and so killed his previous one moving a a currently mostly unknown mercenary for the Realm. A new member has shown prowess, and the old exile has been allowed back, temporarily. The realm is readying itself for the new year in order to enter into a few events and hope to go to a national event.

Other Information

Any questions or queries of this Realm please send a pm to thecaptain6657 or shadowulf on the official Belegarth Forums.


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