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Award for the #1 Realm Page
Award for top 10 Realm Pages

Top Ten Realms of the Belegarth Wiki Contest

All Users are encouraged to create and submit their Realm pages, Realm History, Real life history, etc.

Judges: Necronos (To be a judge, just sign up on the Talk page)

Anyone can participate and submit any realm.

Criteria that you will be judged on:

  • Overall Look and Feel
  • Pictures
  • Content: Realm history, Real life history, Anything cool:
  • Use of Wiki-Code inner linking categories etc etc etc...
  • Page Hits

Top ten submissions will be added to the official top 10 list and the #1 bio will receive a top listing as well. We will also encourage winners to add the ribbon images to their realm page.

To enter an article simply add this category to the profile you want to enter in the contest.

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