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The Sanguis Puritas is a following behind Castiel the Corrupted. The goal of this group is eliminate all demonic, monster, and inhuman beasts who he considers corrupt or against the original creation plan of the world. However it is not a religious group, despite Castiel being an Angel, as he has begun to think of himself as a God and uses twisted methods of vicious fighting and horrible torture in order to eliminate all whom he considers the vermin of the world.



It has been speculated on whether this is in fact a unit of fighters, or a religious cult. There are several factors which point in both directions so it is hard to determine whether it is or not.

Religious Cult?

The members follow Castiel as their deity, following all commands he says and never questioning any of his orders no matter how dark or terrible. Those who are granted rank by Castiel are treated as if prophets to his word. Their rituals call upon his name to banish demons or when torturing a monster in order to attempt to turn it human. They attempt to follow him wherever he goes, even to the point of danger to themselves.

Fighting Unit?

They train together and fight together on the field of battle. They all utilize during battle a set of prayers of protection and of destruction towards their foes. They pray together before battle and feast together in silence. They all utilize also a style of single swords whether one or two handed and nothing more. They fight in a way similar to that of the samurai of the east.


They, like both religious groups and fighting units, have ranks among themselves, here is excerpted what could be found out by Reynard Lycian and The Faceless Monk on their ranking system.


Castiel the Corrupted is known as the master and leader of this movement. He leads and controls the unit with an iron fist.


The Prophets of Destruction and Purification who are second in command to the Master. They are his voice within the group.


Much is unknown about this group, but they are known to be some of the most brutal and bloodthirsty members and known for their "purification techniques"


An unknown second rank within the group.


The first rank within the group known to those who have passed the rites of initiation.

New Blood

One who has made it known that he wishes to join the group, but has not yet been blooded nor passed the rites of initiation.


Currently still under investigation, but currently known to be dangerous. Be warned if encountered as they hate all Monsters, Demons, Liches, and any who support these creatures or the dark arts. They also hate the Holy Church and wish to see it destroyed.

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