The House O Raghaillaigh

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The House O Raghaillaigh
the great gathering of ORags at the battle of Palatine Hills circa the Wompem Era

This clan of Scots has been known by many names since it's inception: The O'Reilly Clan, The O'Reillys, ORags, or formally The House O'Raghaillaigh of the the Fianna. The group first formed as a clan of the Palatine Wompem League lead by Argyle III Salochstagh in 2006. At the height of the Wompem Era, the O'Reillys had over seventy members, and held alliances with The Brotherhood Clan of the Wheeling Wompem League and the Shadow Wolves of the Palatine Wompem League and waged weekly battles against the forces of The Barrington and Lake Zurich Wompem Leagues and their underlying clans being The 4th Reich (Barrington), The Jihad Squad (Lake Zurich), and the traitors from Palatine, Team Lotus. These battles were fought for several hours on sundays, and the stakes were high. The prize of victory was territorial holdings in the form of city blocks amongst these Northwest Suburbs, and the cost of defeat was loss of honor, territory, and functionality of important body joints. Regardless of victory or defeat, these battles were incredibly brutal and infinitely more painful than the battles of Dagorhir or Belegarth.

Following the demise of the Leagues, Argyll lead his remaining handful of clansmen to form an independent unit within the Belegarth and Dagorhir associations. The tradition of the clan had been written and enforced long before the groups participation in either sport. The ORags have always employed heavy use of Red Swords, Shock Tactics, and regimented and required practice schedules and participation year round by all members in the interest of keeping skills on point. In 2007, Argyll made the desicion to join the unit of Dagorhir/Belegarth friend and mentor Kensmen Finn CuMor MacCruina, The Fianna. The ORags then became The House O'Raghaillaigh of the Fianna with Argyll maitaning leadership over the clan, and eventually becoming elected Tanaise of the Fenians of the West.

As subunit of the Fianna, The House ORag provides heavy support for the Fianna line. Argyll has indoctrinated his clan with his hatred for flails, ultralight weapons, and other cheap corner cutting ways of excelling in battle. The ORags have their own definintion of what it means to be a superior warrior. This idealogy is complex, although a few aspects include full force combat hard, accepting all challenges put forth and pursuing such challenges with irrational fortitude, and breaking peoples sunglasses.

House structure is independent from the Fianna, and follows closely an intricate codex of laws and warfare philosophy known as the Ginneighad. The codex dilineates the ranking system, and methods for membership, and the becoming of an Onorhelm, or fully devoted clansmen. Petioners train under a specific Onorhelm for 1-2 years, and serves as an apprentice known as a Ginneigd during that time. These trials are difficult, and many of the clan's most skilled prospects failed their trials and suffered excommunication from the clan.

As of 2023, the House has been fragmented. Swordbrother Argyle III Salochstagh remains as the last of the Onorhelm and the acting Keeper of the Mountain Throne. Argyll swears he will restore the former glory of his house, and elevate it among the such great houses as House Ashling, House Haldane, House Blackthorn, House CuMor, House Wolf, and others.

Ragnarok XXIV
November 2007
Argyll vs. Erekose of the Gestiguiste
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