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Argyll of The House O Raghaillaigh]]

(Swordbrother Argyll)

Real Name: George Cole

Fighting Since: 2006

Current Realm: Silvalorn, Novi Antiqui

Weapon(s) of Choice: Two-Handed Red Sword, Sword and Punch Shield, Longbow and a Really Angry Red Sword

Fighting Unit(s): The Fianna, the House O Raghaillaigh

Leader, Founder, Gardfahtoch of The House O Raghaillaigh

Circa the Wompem Era (Mace Windu in hand)

Events Attended:

Ragnarok XXI
Oktoberfest 2006
Ragnarok XXII
Ragnarok XXIII
Ragnarok XXIV
Oktoberfest 2007
Oktoberfest 2008
Spring Wars 2007
Armageddon 2007
Wolfpack Opener 2008
Wolfpack Opener 2009
Wolfpack Opener 2010
Wolfpack Opener 2007
Equinox 2007
Equinox 2009
Beltane 2009
Summer Wars 2009
Equinox 2016
Oktoberfest 2016
Ragnarok XXXIII
Ragnarok XXXIV
Equinox 2018
Armageddon XX

Summer Wars 2009

Although not always with Belegarth or Dagorhir, Argyll has been boffer fighting since 2005. Argyll created the Palatine Wompem League his senior of high school, and presided over the wompem community for one year serving as the Supreme Lord of the Womp. After the rise and fall of that organization, Argyll sought other opprotunities to continue violently and aggressively swinging pipes at people he didn't like for fun. He stumbled across the Dagorhir website and grabbed a handful of the his minions in the O'Reilly Wompem Clan, and participated in their first Dag/Bel event at Ragnarok XXI the summer after he graduated high school. Argyll and the few members of his old PWL clan, the The Lost Children of the O'Reillys discovered Dagorhir, and began training for the upcoming Ragnarok. Since then, Argyll and his unit have been emphatically obsessed with both Belegarth and Dagorhir. Argyll saw his unit become part of The Fianna in December 2006 as The House O Raghaillaigh. People always accuse Argyll of swinging failing weapons at events because of all the pain he causes people, so he always follows such complaints by taking his weapon's to heralds for secondary inspection. At that point they say "wow, nice red. Someone complained about this? what pansies". Argyll is the type of dude that swings really ****ing hard.

Argyll serves as both realm leader of the Reilltoch and the vice-president of Kingdom of Valdara. Argyll founded the F.F.U. in April 2007.

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