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Founder: Lord Talon Haldane
House Leader: Lord Talon Haldane
Website: House Haldane

Notable Members: Talon Haldane; Tauron the Bolde; Mordekai the Foul; Kelson Haldane

Current Membership: 55+ Members

Note: Lord Kensmen Talon Haldane is also a Knight of Gwynedd in the order of the Dragon and is sworn to protect the Crown of Gwynedd at all costs to the end.

also note that Swordbrother Tumbark the Barbarian is the current War Duke of the Kingdom of Gwynedd!

House Haldane was one of the first Households of the Kingdom of Gwynedd and has been a standing member of Gwynedd from day one in 1980 when Gwynedd was first formed and always will be. Our ties to Gwynedd go way beyond just a game, for us it is a brotherhood and a family...we protect our own and its good to be us.

Sports: House Haldane Fights in the following Sports

Amtgard, Belegarth, Dagorhir, Darkon, SCA, FreeSteel, Live Steel and Combat Joust

If you have a sword feel free to come fight with us...foam, wood or steel bring your A game and lets fight and drink!!!

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