The Emerald Coast

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The Emerald Coast

is the collective name for the Puget Sound area realms: Alera, Gondor, Ixalai, and Talinor.


A moderate number of years ago Alera adopted the epithet "Of the Monster Coast," which Talinor later adopted as well. (Gondor did not for literary based reasons.) In the late 2010s, the current fighters of Talinor looked around and presumably said: "hey, none of us are monsters; we want to change our name." The idea somehow snowballed back the other direction and the other area realms (now including Ixalai) were asked if they would like to adopt a collective epithet, and since everyone was getting along so well a general "sure, why not" resulted, on the condition that the chosen name commonly applied. An innumerable number of group and collective polls later, "Emerald Coast" was chosen, with "Salish Sea" coming in a strong but distant second.

The Emerald Coast went on in (YEAR NEEDED) to challenge the Oregon realms at a Battle for Pyke for ownership of the Babylon Empire and won, thus gaining dominion over all of Oregon This reversed an old historical trend of the Babylon Empire claiming Tacompton as a colony, and at times trying to claim (without success) Gondor and Talinor as well.

Other Details

Orphan (and bastards) surname: Coast

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