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TeAM 4 is a small private army created to defend a temporary reincarnation of the mighty King Kingsford, Lord of Flame. The members of this most holy of armies is kept secret, scribed onto the shield of one known as Ryno. (For religious reasons his sacred knighthood name cannot be revealed)

It is speculated that this army was united momentarily at Chaos Wars 9 to defeat a threatening unit. Most eye witnesses fear to speak of the events that followed the unification of all of the holy Wildwood Knights.

Scholars tell us that prophet Shino was told by the spirit of King Kingsford to create a small but powerful army of only the most feared Wildwood Knights. Shino was speculated to be a knight of Wildwood himself but this has yet to be confirmed. What is known is that one knight of TeAM 4 was compelled by the spirit of King Kingsford to lay down all arms for the Gelfan Empire and Horde.

Many scholars believe that all remaining members of TeAM 4 have been killed or have died away. A great search for The Sacred Shield of Ryno is being conducted by the Council for British Archaeology. The current search has dig-sites and other excavations in numerous countries around the world. The shield is coveted not only for its religious value but for the supposed list on names that it contains.

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