The Sacred Shield of Ryno

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The Sacred Shield of Ryno is believed to contain the names of all of the Knights of Wildwood that make up TeAM 4. The names inscribed are the names of the Knights of Wildwood that were called upon by King Kingsford to defend the current reincarnation of The Lord of Flame.

Myth and sacred Wildwood documents tell us that the prophet Shino was unarmed and in a calm and peaceful state of mind when King Kingsford blessed his hand and ordered him to create a small army. Shino gathered a group of Wildwood Knights and Horde faithful to mass and defend the next reincarnation of King Kingsford. The army waited for only a few hours before the seal of the lineage of Kingsford appeared on the hat of a one of the knights of TeAM 4. Legend has it that the knight that was chosen to host the sprit of King Kingsford was named Juicer and was rumored to be from the farthest lands of the west. It was then known that the army was truly blessed and was to go on a holy crusade. The names of all of the members of TeAM 4 are inscribed onto a shield that was both protected and used by one named Ryno. Only Ryno, Juicer and Shino's names are proven to have been present on the shield. The other names are still a mystery.

This shield is highly coveted and is considered by some as not only a historical artifact but a religious talisman and relic.

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