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Shields in her normal state of confusion standing next to Fae. From WoW:2023.

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Current Name: Shields (wood 'bOy' ~......?????????)
Pronouns: She/They
Realm: Tolaria
Race: Kobold
 Color: Blue
Familiar Bond: Buddy Boi
(Note that which one is the familiar in the bond is unknown at this time)
Patron Deity: Sammy
Other Affiliations

Weapon Preference: Sword and Board, Archery, Strapping Everything to Her Back-Shield and Falling Over (mixed results with this set-up)
Special Abilities:

  • Can do a forward roll while holding a shield. Seems to think it's "cool".
  • Creates bracelets of friendship.
  • Kinda stinks, as in smells bad.
  • Plays the tin whistle.
  • Dies when stabbed.
  • Can build and maintain a campfire.
  • Did applique this one time.
  • Cries when people point out she's literally wearing a target on her chest.
  • Can be broken by red weapons.
  • Dating advice (common sense) (cheese)

General Notes: She's trying, we think. But she makes it really hard to tell sometimes. She's doing her ABSOLUTE BEST.

Identity Ownership Status

Owners of Shields's Name Shards:

  • Shields has full possession of her name at this time

(Unofficial) Dibs on Shields's Name Shards:

  • Foxglove: Shield(s)
    • Comments: gimme the S gimme the S gimme the S gimme the S gimme(the S)
  • Twig: S(h)ields
  • Boogie: Shi(e)lds
  • Fae: Sh(i)elds
    • Comments: May also/actually want an eye

Owner of Shields's Pronouns:

  • Shields: me, my, we, us, our, she, her, hers, they, them, their
  • Fae: I

Shields the kobold standing around with a blank look. Because nothing is going in that head, as per usual.


Shields gained his name when, during something like his 3rd practice or whatever, he grabbed about 5 shields and wore them into battle, giving him an extended survival time of approximately 5 seconds, in which he achieved very little. He was informed post-practice that his name was now Shields, and so it was.

At BftR:Rainworld, it rained. Shields was introduced to mead, and then that became other people's problem.

In WoW:2023, Shields lost both the letters 's' to a fighter named Fae, who then put the first 's' in a gambling pot, thereby creating the first Name Shards. -Hield- then traded for the letter to become Shield-. An additional 's' was gained as a gift from another player, restoring Shields's name to its original state. (He still intended to fight Fae for his original final 's' as it has sentimental value). Then, in order to prove he had learned nothing from this experience, he lost the "h" in a Name Shard Wager. But don't feel sorry for S-ields, as this was very much self-inflicted, and maybe this time he'll learn. Probably not, but we can hope.
S-ields also completed a quest by accident during the event. He now owns lots of shinies. Well, some shinies at least.

Sometime later, Tolaria participated in a raid on Mallenorod, where Fae was located. During the raid, S-ields happened to find his name shard just lying on the ground, so he nicked it. Fae was unimpressed with this turn of events and S-ields' claim that possession is nine-tenths of the law. With the ownership of the name shard in contention, there was only one solution to this property dispute. Violence. S-ields challenged Fae to a duel for ownership of the name shard, giving Fae the right to choose the weapons. The kobold was given a war hammer far beyond his ability to wield and was told all he had to do was get past Fae's glaive once in ten tries. The duel ended after the blue kobold grappled both weapons and the two fell over struggling to gain enough control to kill the other. S-ields was eventually able to bring the hammer into contact with Fae, finally fully reclaiming the name shard. He was now "S-ieldss".

It took some time for S-ieldss to recover his "h". Although a deal had been struck with Echo at the end of WoW for its return, Echo arrived fashionably late to trade and S-eildss had fashionably left 15 minutes prior. S-ieldss carried the token, a rainbow bracelet with a white border, that could return his letter to him during his travels throughout the lands in the hopes of once again running into the fae that had taken possession of it. Eventually, the two crossed paths again at the Harvest Massacre:2023 and the transaction was finally completed. Probably. Shields ate the letter as soon as it was handed to him without any kind of verification, so we can only assume.

At BftR:2024, although several requests were made for letters, all balked when the kobold challenged them to gamble for the letter as is right and irresponsible (the cowards). Though likely ill-advised, the blue lizard once again found some mead during the Carnaval of the Stranger. The evening included proving his absolute obliviousness as Flowers's chosen attentive champion, costing Flowers a single-handed weapon, then being a rock that Fae drug around for a while, failing to rhyme while intoxicated in front of the elves, and finally make his way to view the trades at the tables. After trading for a cool pin and unleashing a cursed rock Dae had obtained, Shieldss came across a very unexpected find. A small blue dragon was curled up amongst the curios to trade. Shieldss quickly traded for the smaller blue lizard, tucking the sleeping reptile into his tunic.
The following day, Shieldss pondered what to name the small winged wyrm, referring to them as "buddy boy" in the meantime. Pondering if she might actually "buddy girl", Shieldss was interrupted by Foxglove, who stated, "It's Buddy Boi either way if you're not a coward." Despite being a coward, Shieldss gave the baby dragon her new name at that time, and so his bond with Buddy Boi was formed.
That night, tired of losing shines in the gambling pot, Shieldss decided to be a shiny, donning a golden suit and making his way into the festivities of the night. And up in the shining golden top hat, a small blue dragon made her home in a sparking golden cave.
On the last day, apropos of nothing, Shieldss led a suicide mission to slay Zenith while fighting the Wardens in the 10v10. The group, known as "Sword and Shieldss's" actually meant to target both Zenith and Karps, but was persuaded to persecute Zenith twice instead by the pale kobold Pip. Unfortunately, both attempts failed, so the blue kobold led the group to heroically beat the everliving salt out of Zenith afterward in a very fair and honorable execution. Leaving Zenith lying canonically dead (or, to some interpretations diverging from canon, with a broken leg), the members of Sword and Tolaria began UCV, a link between the UC Schools. That that is, means, or implies isn't for outsiders to know or understand.

During transport back to his realm, some of Shieldss's gear came into Fae's possession. In order to reclaim it, Shieldss offered them a silly dance, a "the" in front of Fae's name whenever Shields referred to them, and an 'I'. Then feeling so cleaver with himself, Shieldss gave Fae his first-person pronoun 'I' instead of the likely expected 'i' from Shieldss. Presumably feeling smug about somehow making a worse deal for himself than was expected, Shieldss wandered off with his stuff. Due to a trade between fae, Foxglove now holds the rights to the silly dance.

During an inconveniently busy time, Shields tripped and dropped his letters and pronouns. This caused the 's' sloppy appended to the end of their name to get shifted over by a single space.
Shieldss(he/they) became Shields(she/they)
She dusted herself off, picked up her letters and pronouns, then hurried back on her way as she had several imminent deadlines due.

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