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Sammy besting the Tolarians, completely unhindered by their broken legs.

Stat Block

Alternate Names:

  • Sammy, Who Endures
  • Sammy, Watcher of the Forests
  • Sammy, Perpetual Gastropod
  • Samuel, Spawner of Slime
  • Yellow One, The Great Herald
  • Sloog

Realm: Tolaria
Race: Banana Slug
Weapon Preference: All possible combinations. All of them.
General Notes: No known predators...


Sammy was there at the rise and fall of Salamandastron, and was there for the dawning of Tolaria. Sammy will still be there, for whatever comes next, whenever that may be.

But legends tell of a time even longer ago, when Sammy roamed the lands in their true form, forever watching over the lands where the forested mountains meet the seas. An ancient being of immense power, benevolent in their watchful presence.

Sammy, lord of the forest, mountains, and seas.


How to use the Great Sammy's name in vain
Oh My Gastropod ------------------ OMG
What in the name of Sloog!?! --- What in the name of <insert something here>
Trematode --------------------------- What you call some jerk. As in, "You're an absolute trematode, you sick salt." Very offensive.
Nematode ---------------------------- Interchangeable with trematode.
Go cry to a snail --------------------- Snails aren't slugs and are therefore worthless. To cry to a snail is for your tears to be less than worthless.
You're slower than Sammy ------- Slugs aren't known to act fast, and Sammy's got more time than the mountains, so why would they feel the need to move fast? If you're slower than Sammy, your damn freaking slow.
Go salt yourself --------------------- Go fuck yourself
What the salt?! ----------------------- What the fuck?!
SALT ----------------------------------- FUCK
Sammy slime it ---------------------- God damn it

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