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Castle Goldentooth

(Meridian, Idaho)
  • Total Members: 45 on the books, with an average of 20 per practice.

Castle Goldentooth is a realm within the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society, offering a welcoming and engaging environment for participants interested in medieval-themed combat and immersive experiences. We focus on personal development, community building, and enjoyment, catering to various player archetypes. The realm is located at Chateau Park in Meridian, Idaho, with year-round gatherings.

Castle Goldentooth is a Belegarth realm however has no voting or Speaking rights.

Events Hosted by Castle Goldentooth

Castle Goldentooth is proud to host a variety of events that offer unique experiences for our participants, combining combat, immersive storytelling, and camaraderie. Our events cater to various player archetypes and contribute to an ongoing narrative that connects the story and adventure for all attendees.

  • Battle of Bywater: A 4-day campout event, featuring intense combat scenarios, roleplaying opportunities, and immersive experiences. Participants engage in various challenges and battles, fostering teamwork, strategy, and a sense of community within the realm.
    • The First Event hosted by Goldentooth in 2022, 95 Players in Attendance
  • Fall Brawl: A day event focused on intense and thrilling combat experiences. Fighters of all skill levels come together to test their mettle and engage in exciting battles, offering an adrenaline-filled day for all attendees.
    • 2022 39 Players in Attendance The Rise of the Lich Lord
  • Tournament of the Fey: A day event that combines combat and mystique, set within the realm of the Fey. Participants engage in both battles and roleplaying scenarios, solving riddles and overcoming magical obstacles while competing against fellow warriors.
    • 2023 40 Players/Staff in attendance The Fey Queen Sides with the Forces of Good to Wage War Against The Lich Lord
  • Green Knights Gauntlet: A day event that challenges participants to prove their honor, strength, and skill in various combat scenarios. Inspired by the tales of the Green Knight, this event encourages fighters to uphold the virtues of chivalry and valor on the battlefield.
    • 2023 35 Players/Staff in Attendance The Lich Lord's Forces are able to Capture an ancient artifact, which may turn the tides at 2023 Battle of Bywater

The ongoing narrative at Castle Goldentooth events allows participants to become fully immersed in the world, deepening their connection to their characters and the realm. Each event builds upon the story, offering new challenges and adventures for our members, making every gathering an exciting and memorable experience.

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