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Insignia of the Moredain
Moredain Banner

A unit currently based out of Grond, founded by Sir Angmarth.

Colors are White and Black.

As a Belegarth unit, the Moredain were founded in Arnor in late 2005. The Moredain were formed as the third unit of the Iron Crown to provide well-armored heavy flankers to protect the rear and sides of the army and supply shock troops as needed. We are devout zealots to Sauron, and not cheap barbarians or peasants.

Contrary to how most units are run, there is no petitioning system in the Moredain. Any interested party members may join and become a pawn. Promotion means the taking on of certain responsibilities, if these responsibilities are not met, a demotion is instated. Any fighter may rise up and down the latter any number of times, but the Lord Commander may declare a ban on a fighter who threatens the general reputation of the unit (by being a total douche).

Moredain do not believe in the concept of combatant or non-combatant. We believe that anyone who wants to fight can and should at any time, but they are by no means required to fight, and anyone who doesn't want to fight doesn't need to, but will still be encouraged to learn the noble martial arts. There is always a job to do.



  • Arnor: Tower - Minas Morgul
  • Grond: Tower - Amon Sûl
  • Numenor: Tower - Barad-dûr (currently empty)


There are two lines of progression, combat and academic. Any member can advance in either or both lines.

  • Recruit: Sometimes called a "pawn". Any one may become a recruit at anytime. A recruit is anyone who wishes to fight with the Moredain for Lord Sauron. A recruit may only fight with the Moredain for one battle, one event, or maybe they choose to fight with the Moredain at all times, but do not wish to carry the responsibilities of a full Armsman. This is the same for both combatants and non-combatants.
  • Combat Line
    • Armsmen: Armsmen are members who have declared loyalty to the service of Lord Sauron. They have agreed to obey the Lord Commander, and all their superiors, and have committed to taking on the appropriate duties. An Armsman must have at least one article of clothing with the Moredain insignia on it, and sufficient garb. These form the back bone of the Moredain and are the standard soldier who has proven his or her worth to join the ranks of the Moredain. They have also shown a good attitude and are willing to pitch in and help when needed and also the ability to listen to commands and follow them to the best of their abilities.
    • Sergeants: Sergeants are members who have shown leadership ability. They must fulfill all the requirements of an Armsman, as well as recruit one new member. This position is given to those who help on a regular basis to keep things organized within the Moredain and act often as leaders of small groups of fighters. They aren't required to have a specific number of Armsmen under them, but they are required to be able to lead Armsmen at any time, and they may be assigned designated Armsmen that have no Sergeant in their tower.
    • Lieutenants: Lieutenants are those who have gone above and beyond their duty to prolong, protect, and procure the Moredain, they often act as regional commanders for their Towers. They regularly recruit, they contribute both physically, mentally, and emotionally to the advancement of the unit. They show immense initiative and are extremely dedicated to the cause of the Moredain.
    • Generals: Genearals are basically capable of doing anything that the Lord Commander can do, but they are not Lord Commander and must still listen to her, but hold great influence with her.
  • Academic Line
    • Crewmen: Same requirements as the Armsmen.
    • Corporal: A Corporal is one who has shown an advanced skill and passion for their chosen professions and have contributed as usefully to the unit in said profession as a Sergeant contributes on the field. They must fulfill all the requirements of a Crewman as well as recruit one new member.
    • Specialist: Specialists are those who have gone above and beyond their duty to the Moredian. They have contributed not only to the unit itself, but to the reputation and glory of the Moredian. They have shown leadership skills off the field, and extreme dedication.
    • Commander: Commanders is a title bestowed on any Moredain who has achieved the honor of Knighthood, as it can be confired from their efforts that they have proved remarkable skill in service, arts & sciences, and prowess on the field.
  • Lord Commander: This is the sole leader of the Moredain. He or She is in charge of all official business in the unit.


  • Pledgebound: These are regular forces. A fighter who is just joining will automatically be included in Pledgebound.
  • Shadow Walkers: These are the special forces, the elite fighters. They must go through a rigorous training and trial before they can be included in this group. This training includes endurance, strength, and skill.
  • Syndics: These are those who have a prowess for administrative and organizational duties.
  • Dark Moon: These are members who are gifted in the arts and sciences.
  • Downfallen: This is the reserves units. They are not required to fight with us at all times, but we may call upon them to fight if numbers are needed.

Labyrinth of the Shadow Walkers

To become an elite member of the special forces that are the Shadow Walkers, a fighter must enter the labyrinth and defeat the gate keepers and beasts within. At ever gate, a fighter will lose a part of his or herself but they will gain something better, something stronger.

  • Gate 1: Cerberus - before even entering the Labyrinth, a fighter must prove themselves worthy by defeating the guardian of the Labyrinth. A fighter may challenge Cerberus until they succeed. The fighter will be allowed to wear as much armor as they desire.
  • Gate 2: TBD
  • Gate 3: TBD
  • Gate 4: TBD
  • Gate 5: TBD
  • Gate 6: TBD
  • Gate 7: TBD

Once the fighter has pasted through the final gate, he or she will have learned the secrets of the Shadow Walker and will be greeted with the keepers of the path. They will gift the champion with his new weapons and new garb, and he or she will take his place among the legendary.

Syndicate Quests

  • Spirit Quest - This is a lore based quest. The Lord Commander will determine a series of trials appropriate for the pursuant to achieve in order to advance an aspect of their lore.
  • Hearthmaster Quest - The pursuant must tend to camp an entire event. They will keep the fire, cook all meals, ensure the camp is clean, and host all guests. Prior to event they must create a meal plan for the entire event, draw up prices, request funds from the coffer and ensure food is brought to and maintained at an event. Event must have at least two hot meals.
  • Aquarius Quest - The pursuant will bear water for an entire event, and ensure that all fighters are hydrated. They will not only monitor the water vessels of their unit members, but also keep an eye out for dehydration and heat exhaustion from any fighter around them.
  • Marshall Quest - Work a weapons check, then herald for all heralded battles for a full day, at an event.
  • Quartermaster Quest - tbd
  • Tracker Quest - Solve with reasonable accuracy, 3 tracking stories in sand, snow or other suitable material. Lay a trail of at least 1/2 mile in length containing at least 4 different kinds of signs made of

natural material. The trail to be followed by unit members.

More to come

Dark Moon Professions

Those in the Dark Moon Division are honored by their contributions in one of the 15 professions. Level in each profession can be depicted by either a link made of a specific material for each profession, in a specific color for each level, that can be added to create a chain, or by a badge, to be added to a belt, sash or vest.

  • Alchemy: Drink making such as sangria, or detailed cocktails, brewing, or fermenting. Link made of acrylic.
  • Archaeology: Research - Chronicle useful information that can be used to advance the sport or the unit (ie The Tome of Foam). Link made of bamboo.
  • Blacksmithing: Weapons making. Link made of chainmaille.
  • Cooking: self-explanatory. Link made of sinew (artificial is acceptable).
  • Enchanting: Visual arts - This should be specifically art used on weapons, garb, banners or tools used in game. Link made of mohair.
  • Engineering: Non-weapons building - This could be a homemade tent or yurt, rope bed, etc. Link made of jute or canvas.
  • First Aid: First Aid, red cross, cpr/aed, or other healing training. Link made of linen.
  • Fishing: Have fun! Go fishing! Pictures or it didn't happen. Link made of nylon.
  • Herbalism: Making solvents - Do you make your own shampoo, sun screen, bruise cream etc.? Show me. Link made of hemp.
  • Inscription: Lore writing. Link made of paper.
  • Jewelcrafting: Making jewelry of any sort. Link made of wire.
  • Leatherworking: Making armor (doesn't necessarily need to be leather). Link made of leather cord.
  • Mining - Foraging (mushroom hunting, berry picking, etc). Link made of soy or ramie.
  • Skinning: Do you like to hunt? Show me what you got. Link made of wool.
  • Tailoring - Garb making or any other cloth arts. Link made of cotton.

Each profession has 5 levels, which is denoted by color: Apprentice - brown, Journeyman - black, Expert - bronze/copper, Artisan - silver, Master - gold.


  • Môrgan - The White Witch/The White Lady - Lord Commander (Amon Sûl)



Inactive Downfallen


The Black Numenoreans, or Moredain, are people of Numenorean origin who returned to Middle-Earth in the Second Age to follow Sauron. Their descendants survived through the Third Age, during which they were often at war with Gondor.

In Tolkein history, Black Numenoreans settled in Middle-Earth 'during the years of Sauron's domination'. II 1800 is probably the earliest possible date for the Black Numenoreans to have appeared: in the Tale of Years, the entry for that date states, 'The shadow falls on Numenor'. Another possible dating of their appearance appears elsewhere (Appendix A I (iv) to The Lord of the Rings). We're told that the Black Numenoreans emerged from the party of the King's Men, which wouldn't appear for more than four centuries, from about II 2251. This was about the same time that the Nazgul appeared, and as three of those were Numenoreans, we can be sure that Sauron had already ensnared at least some of that race. It's hard to reconcile these statements, but not impossible. The most consistent reading seems to be that Sauron began the seduction of the Numenoreans in about II 1800, and had at least some Numenorean servants and followers soon after that date. However, the Black Numenoreans seem not to have emerged as a separate people until some centuries later. The Black Numenoreans were not destroyed in the War of the Last Alliance, but after their master's fall, they rapidly diminished and were absorbed into the native peoples of Middle-earth. Nonetheless, even at the end of the Third Age, three thousand years later, there were some who claimed descent from the Black Numenoreans. The emissary known as the Mouth of Sauron was one of these.

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