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Nénharma one handing a red

Real Name: Chris Weir

Combat Name: Sir Nénharma Lavincolmo, 15th Knight of the Wolfpack Line

Realm: Grond

Race: Elf

Unit: Sons of Sylas

House: Moredain

Other Affiliations:

I have been involved with foam fighting since 2006 starting first in the Amtgard group in Peoria Ill. After two years I started to fight more and more in Belegarth using the Wolfpack practices to further familiarize myself with the game. After trying for some time, I found the remnants of the old Peoria group and in 2013 I assisted in the birth of Grond. I enjoy this game very much and love the community it has fostered around it. I always am looking for ways to better myself and the game.

Character Lore

Nénharma is the son Elurín of Doriath, born after the ruin of Doriath. His father and his brother Eluréd wandered the lands for many years, watching the armies of Angband defile and destroy the forests and cities they knew and loved. They wandered for countless years, until they arrived at the Blue Mountains. In them still was the radiance of their blessed lineage, and so the dwarves and men who beheld them thought they were mighty princes of the long fallen kingdoms. They had gathered many beautiful things in their wanderings from the ruins of Doriath and other cities. They set up residence in the forest of the mountain’s eastern side. They became fast friends with the wood elves there and with the Dwarves, and became renowned organizers and lore keepers. After the war of wrath destroyed the fair lands of Beriland, refugees poured east to escape the ravages of the sea. From these refugees they each took a wife and tried to create a home for all displaced by the world. Here they dwelled for nigh 200 years. Peace, it seemed, had finally come to the descendants of Elwe, but it was not to last. Late into the night, an evil being named Redoc Bloodhunter appeared and captured both Elurín and Eluréd, transporting them with dark magics to a new place.

Nénharma followed and almost caught up with his foe. However, during the transporting process, he was placed many leagues from his prey. He has spent years looking through this new land for signs of this Redoc Bloodhunter and his master Zalen. It was during these wanderings that he came into contact with Black Númenóreans. They called themselves the Moredain. While Nénharma had initial problems with some of the philosophies of the Moredain, he adapted their ideas to suit him in his quest.

Three years had passed when rumors of a castle called Cairn Terzhul that had been abandoned for five generations. However, it was known to be "haunted", as occasional shadows were seen moving along the stones. Feeling like no suspicious thing should be left uninvestigated, Nénharma set off alone. He traveled for two days to reach the crumbling ruin. Moving silently up the walls, and using the large forest as cover, Nénharma began to inspect the old castle for signs of evil activity. As he approached the side of a half-desroyed tower, however, he heard footsteps and froze. A tall figure was standing less than five feet away, with a heavy cloak obscuring his features. Thanks to his Elven sight, Nénharma noticed that hidden under the figure's cloak was a gold cord and a sigil with a book and sword. The man looked in his direction and smiled. Thus did Nénharma meet Caleidah, whom he would eventually follow and call brother. The last few months Nénharma has put himself at the service of this band called the Sons of Sylas, and after a time was branded into their family.

Events Attended:

  • WPO:2012
  • Spring Wars 2012
  • Armageddon XII
  • Oktoberfest 2012
  • WPO:2013
  • Spring War 2013
  • Armageddon XIII
  • Oktoberfest 2013
  • Rhun Closer:2013
  • WPO:2014
  • Spring Wars:2014
  • Armageddon XIV
  • KGC 2014
  • Oktoberfest 2014
  • Winter War 2014
  • Rhune Closer 2014
  • WPO 2015
  • Spring War (Butt Wars rebooted 2015

This list is incomplete

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