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General Information

The Knights of Avalon is not a typical unit. They are members of the realm of Avalon who work to better themselves, the realm, and most importantly the sport of Belegarth.

Any member of the realm is allowed to become a squire under one of the active knights. There is no limit to how many squires a knight is allowed, but typically no knight takes on more then 2 squires. The average length of squiring in Avalon is about 3 years. Once a knight feels his squire is ready, he will ask all the knights for permission to run the knight's trial for squire.

Avalon's knight's trial is something that is reconginzed by the majority of Belegarth. It is probably one of the longest running trials. All it is a simple endurance test. The squire must defeat every willing combatant in one-on-one combat. If the squire loses or simo-shots, he must continue to fight against that person until he wins. No wounds are carried over to the next fighter. The squire will typically match weapons with the combatant to honor the fighter. It is tradition that the last fighters the squire faces are from Avalon and the last fighter is his knight.

Knights of Avalon are not require to use any certain types of shield or wear an certain style of garb. However each knight has their knight's shield (which is either a heater or a kite shield), a tabard with their heraldry, and a tabard with the colors of Avalon on it.

The current Knights of Avalon can actually be traced to the Knights of Pentwyvern and to the Knights of Dur-Demarion.

Active Knights of Avalon

Inactive Knights of Avalon

These are knights who have moved away or no longer particpate.

Sir Roake knighted by Sir Karnac at Ragnarok XVI (2001)
Sir Zentru knighted by Sir Galin at ??? (1997?)
Sir Galin knighted by Sir Freyson at Ragnarok XI (1996)
Sir Karnac knighted by ??? at ??? (199?)
Sir Freyson knighted by ??? at ??? (199?)
Sir Borimor knighted by ??? at ??? (199?)
Sir Noip knighted by ??? at ??? (199?)
Sir Moshi knighted by ??? at ??? (199?)

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