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Realm: Salamandastron

The last thing many citizens of Salamandatron see in this world.

Position: Fighter

Race: Sea Troll

Combat Preference: Sword and Board

Events attended: Chaos-Wars X, Rebirth of the Phoenix 2, Chaos Wars XI, Yestare IIX, Chaos Wars XII, Kill Grill & Chill I, Battle of the Ring II, SKBC 2010


"To say that the detritus-littered bane of seaside villages known as "Vek" (A predictably vulgar and guttural name, as befits the bedfellow of greenskins) was first sighted walking upright in the lower Realm of Andor may be a minor overstatement. After all, there should be some creedance paid towards the fisherman's tale of a clump of rotted sea filth, bleached orange by the sun, suddenly waking up and biting its way out of the nets that had held it prisoner for several days. That would at least explain the smell."

Mundane History A strong belief in the philosophy of this sport, good honor, defends it and upholds it above all. He is seen in good spirits frequently, loyal to his realm. Also he is owned by Huma the most awesome-est of awesome people ever. Vek is his "Dirty Little Mexican"

Whoz dis Pinky? I dunno him!
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